Does the political scene in America reflect the condition of the Church in America?

In my last post containing the letter from Corrie Ten Boom she spoke of the sickness in the world. A perspective I believe based on the serious political situations she personally experienced involving persecution and death of Jews and Christians in Europe. Conditions which had spread under Communism to various other countries in the world in her lifetime.

But the conditions are far different in today’s world. So back to the questions that I began this post with. Persecution is still real, but in this present time a Spiritually weak church in America, long known to be a stronghold for Christian evangelism, now allows for more worldwide disruption in the spirit realm, which impacts civilization negatively.

This was a reality in Hitlers Germany, and the signs are present for similar chaos within our own governments today, as a result of an already occurring falling away in the Americas churches.

I want you to consider that the current situation within the Democratic Party here could lead to a total collapse in the US constitution.

The scenario now presenting itself in the upcoming presidential election could very well lead to a total takeover by the Democrats of both chambers of Congress.

Should Bernie be rejected once again as the nominee for the Democratic party, he will most likely consider a run as an independent. And should that happen although there is much talk of a backlash vote taking place against the Democrats running for Congress; what if the opposite were to happen simply because of the hatred of Trump. Also we are seeing the stage possibly being set for a weakening economy because of coroniavirus. Should these things continue happening the turnout for both the Democrats and the independent Party run by Sanders, would be most likely high, and although President Trump could then likely win by a landslide; it is also likely that if democrat and independent forces are combined to support democrats in the Congress that this series of events could likely guarantee that congress would go Democratic.

Were this to happen the constitution will go out the window, and the Trump Pence impeachment’s would surely begin. The New Speaker or the Old Speaker would then become President, and we would never again in our lifetime see a fiscal conservative leadership in this country.

Things are occurring which could set the stage for the much anticipated Tribulation of which Corrie spoke in our last post.

When John was told of these things after being told to record them in Revelation, he only had one thing to say: “even so come Lord Jesus”. And so also we should say: “even so Come Lord Jesus”.