Today: Ellen is reading to me from the book, Face To Face With Jesus, and i, yes, little “i” thought “if You, (yes big “Y” because i’m talking directly to my Father in heaven), could stop two of four bombs, Why didn’t you stop all four from exploding?

One of the best things that Ellen could ever do for me is to read to me. It becomes a very intimate part of our spiritual life together. One of the Greatest things in my walk with Christ, is when He speaks directly to my inner man in an inner voice that exudes Love and compassion, yet is so convicting. Why, because i know that He is calling me to a higher needed walk with Him, one that up to that moment i have not been willing to walk. But His call makes it so clear that i must take action now out of love for Him and those around me, whom He wants to see with Him in eternity.

This day i saw so clearly that i had not for some time loved Him or my brothers or the lost as i should. He also made clear to me that His gift to me to become His in service to others was being neglected by me. What did He do to impact me so?

The testimony from Samaa in her book, that Ellen was reading was at a critical part. What was happening in this terrorist explosion in her Church was illogical and yet miraculous. But as Ellen was reading this, right away i heard a familiar to me voice in my mind say: if God could stop miraculously two of these bombs, why did “he” not stop the other two. This voice of Satan, I often and i suggest we often allow to enter our thoughts when bad things are happening. Satan attempts to change God into just another god. Or Him into just another him. But this time this thought that i would most likely have entertained as many times in the past I had done, was interrupted with but a few words from the Holy Spirit. “Do not Doubt Me, but Always give Me praise”.

Those words created in me the emotions that I spoke of earlier, and more. I was completely undone by them. I knew this voice. I had heard It before.

Why is it that i and possibly we so seldom hear His voice. Is it because we so often are willing to accept Satan’s input into our reasoning of the situation that we are contemplating? If Satan is allowed input into our understanding of things, our reasoning will be twisted and we will miss God, but not god. If our desire is for God’s truth He will see us through to it. If we trust Him in our study, rather than “I” for understanding, then “he” will not be able to twist that truth.

So why did two of the bombs explode? You must read the book. It is powerful. God may also speak to you in it.

P.S. i wrote this yesterday. The first day into 2020 after New Years, and the day after the call that i posted concerning the year of Spiritual Vision. Every year is crucial for us, but this year i feel is more so.