My son Shawn came to visit over Christmas. He is a blessing not a temptation. But my TV was on the blink, so he and I went shopping. The new TV was a smart tool — one that I soon found brought Satan’s realm even closer to home than I could have ever imagined. One that I have found to be the instrument of pure evil unless the armor of God about which I have been writing is fully adorned. Let me allow you a glimpse into why I say these things.

While here with Ellen and me, Shawn shared with us a minister that he is fond of who broadcasts on u-Tube, and he set up the access to u-Tube and his site. While he was flipping through the various programs on this site posted by this individual, in order to find the one that he wanted to share with us, I happened to see this Gentleman’s program titled something like “masturbation is it a sin in the Bible”. I had written a similar article on this blog based on a James Dobson teaching years ago on this subject. So I thought “I will view this later to see what he has to say”.

Sometime after Shawn left, I went in to see it. I could not readily find it on his site so I did a search. Little did I know what would be produced from this search. I thought that I was just searching his site. But!! The filth and the darts from Satan were immediately flying in my direction. And I struggled before I not immediately, but suddenly recognized what is revealed to you in the title for this post. I was under attack. I had to immediately employ all of the defenses provided me by the Lord.

My grave concern is that those young believers, who have not yet learned the benefits of this armor; and experienced its protection in the battles of life, will be over run by temptations thrown at them by this tool of the enemy. My concern is also for those whom God loves, but who have not yet become believers, for they are defenseless in this battle.

If an innocent search can turn this tool that, yes, can be used for good into an onslaught of evil against a seasoned warrior; then the question is — what impact is it having on our young warriors in training? This I found is not a David and Goliath battle, where there is a one on one battle with a superior enemy; but it is a battle of one against a whole army of Philistines. The Internet can throw at the believer all of the smut that has ever been produced there, and it can do it in one actionable battle. God has promised to put on us no more than we can handle. He has promised that with every temptation He will make a way of escape, but this way must be found quickly when under attack by today’s well armed enemy.

Matthew 18:6 “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a huge millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the open sea. (NET)

If one has been caused to sin in the area of sexual sin then one has lost a battle not the war. But any warrior who is wounded must be taken from the front lines and healed before returning to the war. Seek counsel, invest in your armor before returning to battle. So long as you can pray and seek God, your wounds are not mortal. If the heavens seem to be brass go deeply into the word, for there is where you will find your armor. Take this advice from one who has been wounded. One who has been tested. One who is still in the war by your side when you return.