For those of you who have not taken notice, Christianity Today has called out Christians who are Trump supporters. Over half of the Nation is apparently in favor of a Trump Impeachment. A large group of Christians fall into this catagory. And while The House has not been able to show High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as is evidenced by Polosi’s actions, yet the call goes out for impeachment.

AG Barr, John Durham, and in some respect Giuliani as Trump’s Atty, are in the meantime proceeding with their investigation of the obviously biased actor’s actions in the initiation of a Trump Russia investigation, which is at the heart of the impeachment cry by News Media and Democrats not only in Congress but across the nation. This investigation is the real news that is being overlooked by 90% of the news media, and over 50% of the voters.

When indictments begin to come down the news media actors within that 90% will be outraged. They have not investigated or reported any of what is happening in what has become a criminal investigation on the part of the AG.

Question is, will the Deep State sit idly by while they are one by one taken down? These are powerful connected men — Government insiders. Chances are they who control covert black ops assets will not stand idly by. And so when the deep state begins to take out or snuff out those brave men who are going after the truth concerning them; then this same 90% of a very biased media will have no problem convincing that majority of the American people that these murders were accidental happenings.

Will this actually happen? I don’t know, but if it were to, it would be no different than what is happening today with impeachment news. If nothing else, Trump has exposed the Fake News for what it really is.

The people as a result have lost touch with truth in several ways. Certainly not The least of which is God’s truth.

This Nation has gone down the road to wanting no “God involvement” in anything, destroying their babies before Moloch, transforming there live children to be an abomination before God by creating something other than what their own child is born as. All of which Trump is appointing Judges to oppose. He is tearing down the Alters in the high places and Christianity Today, is lecturing us about supporting him.

Trump as I understand it from Christian pastors who work with him is a work in progress like many of the rest of us.  He according to some of them has become a believer. That being said if true makes him not perfect but forgiven. He would be like Paul who called himself the chiefest of sinners. 

I know nothing of Galli, who heads up Christianity Today, but he could be like many religious men of Jesus‘ day. But if you’ve read the gospels you know about them. 

Fact is if Trump were not in office we would not know of the level of corruption that exists in our government. The deep state is real. 

Presidents we are finding are really not in charge. They make decisions based on deep state input, and so long as they are manageable by the deep state they are supported by them. Kennedy was not their man, and it got him killed. Trump has not been their man and look at what’s happening. 

As for his morality it has been gross in his past, but so was mine. Those perhaps like Gulli, who may think that they are so good that it would not be possible for God to not give them entrance into heaven, perhaps forget about the Grace factor where God actually forgives sin in sinners who repent.

Oligarchs have been present throughout history. They are present in this world today even in America. The question is how will this end. We who follow Bible prophecy know how it will eventually end, but we also know how much worse it will become before that end. We have to ask will Trump slow the pace toward that end, will he be allowed to do that or will the masses of people opposed to God and true godliness finally get what they think that they want.

If you love freedom, you will pray for protection for men who are risking their lives for your freedom, and they are not all in the military.