I suppose you have noticed, but so far most of the Armor pieces have been defensive. This one is somewhat different. Faith is presented as a defensive weapon here to be used against the enemy’s fiery darts, and this I believe is for good reason as we shall later consider. But our faith at times goes on the offensive.

It certainly can be used to invade enemy territory. But faith used in this manner is only effective when supported by a word from God.

Faith for defense as a shield is no good unless it is in the right place to deflect what is coming. You and I can raise our shield too late, when we pray after Satan’s damage is already inflicted. Esau and David are both examples of men whose prayers were of little or no effect, because they could not change or take back what they had allowed the enemy to take in their lives.

In Esau’s case he gave up what was rightfully his by birth, and could not reverse what he had done though he sought to repent of it with tears.

In David’s case he allowed to be set in motion a series of events which brought about the death of not just one son, but sons. Darts which are allowed to land without this shields deflection usually will have far reaching consequences.

Faith when used offensively to recapture what is already taken, often seems to require much much more perseverance and determination and effort than we are in many cases actually capable of growing.

I personally have paid a great price in my lifetime for some of the darts that I have allowed Satan to land. We can ask for forgiveness, but we can not reverse the effects of those injuries. But hopefully we can learn.

In the meantime we can grow faith in difficult times by staying committed to the word of God from which comes our faith.

Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (KJV)

Remember nothing is impossible with God.