We all who are believers know that the day is approaching when the world will be ruled by an Antichrist figure. But most of us did not believe it could approach so swiftly. We have heard for years that the Rapture of the church would being about the moral debauchery that we are currently seeing within the world’s leadership.

The United States is quickly joining the rest of the world in its rush to moral decay. President Trump certainly himself no Saint, is the one man seemingly standing in the path of a one world government construct being pushed by a world seen by anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear as standing on the precious of Tribulation.

The question is how long will God allow him to oppose a world gone mad? Will he be given another 4 years? The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has the tool in hand to destroy Donald Trump and America should God wish you allow it.

The method of destruction will be swift and will leave the US in ruins when it is implemented. Today most average Americans do not realize that the main reason we have not yet fallen, as have other nations who have flooded their economy with billions of excess amounts of currency, is only because we have been afforded the privilege to have our US dollar accepted as the World’s reserve currency. As a result the world trades in dollars keeping the dollar’s value stable on the international market.

Today however President Trump is as hated by the World’s Elite Progressives as he is by those in our own country. The IMF itself is a tool of the progressive elite. This tool in their hands is called the SDR. It is not a new tool, but it is now being considered in effect to bring down President Trump. The SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is the currency planned to make an end of the US reserve currency status. The SDR will eventually replace the dollar as the currency that the world will use to conduct its trade. When this occurs the US dollar will fall, our economy will follow suit.

Of course God’s will well be accomplished in this matter as it is in all matters effecting the timing of end time events, but it is strongly believed that this plan is in place and only awaits implementation.

Our charge as believers is to do all to stand in the evil day. Our evil day may now be fast approaching. In many ways it is already here. Put on your Armor my fellow believer.