This Vedio is amazing. And not in a good way.

If you can handle it, this Vedio is a perfect example of scripture twisting. My response to it is in the comments section of the post that is reblogged here. I suspect that this post will be taken down. I hope that it will.

Sorry, not the Post but my comment was taken down, so I’m going to add my comment here.

Unfortunately this message was not taken down just my comment.

It is to be feared that very many have little knowledge of the main enemy that they carry about them in their bosoms. This makes them ready to justify themselves, and to be impatient of reproof or admonition, not knowing that they are in any danger” (2 Chronicles 16:10)
John Owen

Thanks for posting this John Owen quote BT. It fits what the scriptures warn us concerning man’s own failure to see and hear God’s word to us.

The Holy Spirit within us is our teacher, and the lessons He teaches are only learned if we have ears to hear, and eyes to see.