Over the months we as believers have watched with mouth agape

As a nation self destructs. Partly because lies are told and sworn to by government leaders who then in spite of being proven to be liars,

are upheld by a News Media gone rogue. We know that God must be either warning us or withdrawing from this Nation. We do not know the answer as to which yet, but some answers are being revealed for our knowing. And concerning corruption — Now we know https://www.pickeringpost.com/howellwoltz/12862/dead-men-dont-need-impeachment-swamp-in-panic-trump-in-danger/ why.

Never before in America’s history have we seen and heard the word “unprecedented” used by so many on both sides of truth, while the media cares nothing about truth. Never before in America has our congress become the enemy of it’s people as it has done in these days. What is truly unprecedented is the rapid demise of a nation that once cared about truth over corruption, coupled with the rapid rise of a population so easily duped by lies. One that does not care for the most part that these things are happening. And that is precisely why nations fall.

What we are seeing is a media which is either willingly blind to the situation at hand, or one that is now owned by forces of corruption with a much more sinister agenda than what the American people can imagine.

What is behind our unprecedented plight in this nation? In the last century the western world has seen the rise of socialism; the liberalization of Christianity; the rapid expansion of knowledge and technology, and all of this has resulted in the formula which n has baked a world totally independent of Truth and of God. and the demise of any and all fear of God among the Government and its supporters.

If you read the following you will understand, part of this problem. But, what is happening should alert us all to God’s wake up call. When all things have become unprecedented, then God will have written Ichabod over this Nation. hopefully it is not to late.