8. The Lords Coming for the Church is to be an imminent looked for event that takes place without signs. We are to expect His return in every generation. Therefore the Lords coming for us could be at any time even today, because “no one knows the day or the hour” of His return. But if His return is after the Tribulation, then we would know the day if not the hour. Thus this coming for us known as the Rapture, does not seem to fit with His Coming with us back to earth.

Certainly the imminence of the Lords coming must make the pre-Trib position the correct one — right?

There seems to have been a move away from this thinking today by many as the signs become more and more prevalent. Many pre Trib dispensationalists have gotten involved in things Jewish, and in so doing have found that Rosh Hashanah represents to the Jewish faith the day of which no man knows the day or the hour. I have written about this day when this Feast encompassing a not so knowable two day period will likely be fulfilled by the Lord following the Tribulation. The day of the beginning of Rosh Hashanah is not known until the actual sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem on the first or second day of the month Tishrei .

So we have heard in recent years from the pre Trib camp that Jesus will fulfill this fall feast when He returns before Tribulation during this feast. But now there is a move back away from this teaching to once again an any day imminent return, because it was this past Rosh Hashanah festival on which the rapture was to have occurred. In fact it was to have occurred on each of the past several Rosh Hashanah’s. But the return occurred on none of them. None produced a Rapture.

Yet, I as a post Trib student of the Bible am looking for His coming just as they are. I’m watching the signs, and I’m seeing things align in this world even as they do. I see them even as they are prophesied to be in these last days. I recognize now that I may see the Return of the Lord following the signs, and folks the Tribulation contains the final of those signs.

The people of this world are divided. They are not ready to see Jesus. They are not ready for what must come before He returns. Many in the church are asleep with little concern for what is the more imminent danger looming on the horizon. A danger about which they should be cognizant and ready to explain to the world around them when it is unleashed.

Yeshua’s Coming will be imminently clear in a day not too distant, from now; and at a time replete with Biblical signs with which we may give witness to a lost generation before it is too late for them.

Even so come Lord Jesus.