On Jan Markell’s radio program, Understanding the Times, Terry James, was on with Jan to promote his book (which was new at the time).

Near the end of the broadcast, she asked what he thought was the primary thing to look for as the hours, days, months, and years move swiftly toward that divine intervention.

To quote Terry:

“I answered during the broadcast, and my answer hasn’t changed. It can’t change, because it is indeed the number-one signal of where we are on God’s prophetic timeline.

Again I go to two of the tremendously talented writers and observers of this time. Bill Salus explores in-depth geopolitical developments to Israel’s north. He gives in considerable detail current issues and events that bring to life Ezekiel’s prediction of the Gog-Magog attack on Israel. I speak specifically of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish coalition that has now formed and is greedily eyeing Israel to the south.

Jim Fletcher, one of the most astute researchers, columnists/reporters, and speakers on matters involving God’s chosen nation, delivers a stunning chapter on the developing hatred for the Jew and for Israel. He lays out in excruciating detail how even the evangelical church has within its ranks a growing contingent of those devoted to the destruction of that prophetic nation.

So, to answer Jan’s question–which gets right to the heart of being a discerner–I have no surprise response. Israel is the one most profound sign to observe in these closing days of the age. The true discerner will particularly need to watch the ongoing drive to establish  peace in that conflict surrounding God’s chosen nation.”

Now, there are two points of concern that I have underlined in Terry’s statement, in order to draw your attention to what is important here. These I want to raise because they are most interesting concerning this answer he gives.

The first you might not recognize if you are not a student of the pre-Trib movement occurring now for basically the last 150 years. It is that imminence is the foundational argument within their proof for a two part Second Coming. They accuse any mid-Trib or post-Trib believer of looking for the Antichrist rather than looking for Christ. They have argued strongly over the last century that nothing else must happen before the Rapture occurs, and that every generation of Christians is instructed to look only for Jesus’ return. That’s what imminent means to this debate. So it would be wrong under their understanding to look for anything in the way of signs. Why then can Israel be a sign of Messiah’s Coming, and the Antichrist coming not be a sign? Well they must think that all of those generations before just did not understand that Israel is this key sign in prophecy. So what if the Antichrist is also a key sign in prophecy of the events surrounding Jesus coming, even as Paul says he is in 2 Thessalonians 2.

The second point is the “developing hatred for the Jew and for Israel” spoken of by Terry. Although this is very true, there is also another developing hatred that has been almost completely overlooked. It is the hatred of Christianity which is manifesting itself every bit as much as the hatred for Israel.

If you have read the book by David Horowitz, Dark Agenda, then you know that the first right guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights, is today no longer under attack, because that battle has been all but lost by us. In fact, the war on The faith of Jews and Christians, has been raging and is in a serious battle, coming from those who are of this world and who are the most insecure in their own beliefs.

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

Now I want you to think long and hard on my next statement. If the sovereign God was at the heart of the establishment of this country; then civil debate is an important reason for its founding, and therefore must be, (In addition to the spread of the gospel), foremost in the heart and mind of God. Why do I say this? Because only through education or discovering what others believe and why they do can one choose what he himself truly believes.

Freedom of thinking was at the heart of our Founders goal for this country. And freedom to express factual, rational thought. This has become the enemy of the left.

So, today men tear down or destroy the freedoms of others to learn or to express freely what is believed by them and why. Man thus Thwarts God’s seeming purpose for America and ultimately he destroys his own freedom to find God. If the truth matters at all; then it matters to God.

Men who are offended by another man’s right of free expression of what he believes are the most insecure in their own beliefs or else they are possessed by a “Dark Agenda“. And their followers are therefor the very ones God seeks to challenge. Jesus came to save sinners. Because what we believe is the largest contributor to our actions and inactions.

What is so interesting is the fact as pointed out by Horowitz that even though all evidence has been erased from American text books as to our Christian founding, yet, there is “no separation of Mosque and state”. Satan’s battle is strictly against Christians and Jews. And men once again are being deceived by the deceiver as it was progressing before the founding of this nation.

The question that is not adequately addressed by Horowitz is why? If the faith of the Christian or the Jew is so offensive, why is not the faith of the Muslim? The answer seems obvious. There must be a sinister force behind these actions, who is anti (both God and Christ). But this force is not anti Allah. Allah is not the God of the Bible. He is but one false god of the Bible.

This should instill fright into any thoughtful person who does not believe this God but yet knows what the Scriptures conclude as man’s final end. These actions by the Bible’s enemies go far in the proving of the Scripture’s end of days scenario. And what is coming just ain’t good. In fact it is downright evil. And these enemies of God make what God writes about them more true every day.

Those who promote censorship of the Christian faith and the constitution’s freedom of speech, and who do that in order to destroy christianity are actually proving the Bible to be correct in the prophetic sense.

Trump is hated today because he is catering to and has the backing of Bible thumping Christians, and we are the only ones perhaps more hated today than Trump in this world. Certainly both are hated as much as Israel.

What the man of the world cannot understand is how Bible believers can support a man of questionable character. It’s easy he offered a reprieve from the goals and actions of other men of a more sinister character.

What Pre-Trib dispensationalists such as Terry James don’t want to see is that all of this hatred is setting up for a future time period when believers whether Christian or Jew by name will be hated by an antichrist system that is already beyond the development stage.

What I agree with Terry about is that tribulation is drawing close. What I disagree with him about is of course the timing of the Second Coming and Rapture. The Rapture will only follow the resurrection of all of Christ’s dead.

But today just as unbelievers are cutting off debate with Christians as to what constitutes right and wrong; Dispensationalists have cut off debate with other believers concerning their end time prophecy differences. And even though I would and do welcome Terry James and Jan Markell to this sight, I or other like minded persons are not welcome at theirs to promote biblical discussion of the issues. In a discussion taking place almost three years ago over e-mail with Jan, I was told that my view would confuse her audience, therefore she could not have me on her program. The irony is that my view is based solely on scriptures which are readily either dismissed or given meaning not stated within the context of the passages by the dispensationalists. If you find that to not be true please comment with your concern, and we can have a discussion.