This project seeks to combine the human brain by downloading it into a computer. The speculation is that man’s brain combined with the computer would give man’s consciousness the ability to exist forever. What man is attempting today would be the equivalent of replacing God in his human quest for immortality.

This project is the BLESSED HOPE of the rich and famous ultra liberal. This can make them gods; NOT God’s. Have we not heard this before.

Nanotechnology is already being deployed on an experimental level into the bloodstream of humans for experimentation on certain cancers. Chips are being placed into the brains of soldiers in order to enhance their abilities.

We are very close to the day when God says enough is enough.

Life and immortality are God’s alone to give.

Information for this article taken from History Channel’s Ancient Alien series.

It is so sad to see people of such renown choose a Luciferion future over the benevolent creator of this entire creation.