Will it be this month? Some say yes. The documents shown at the end of this article are ominous in their relationship to scriptures concerning events leading to the coming Antichrist.

There can of course be speculation concerning prophetic Scripture. There was speculation among false prophets concerning Him, even after Jesus was revealed by John the Baptist and HIS Heavenly Father; and He is the word of God, which most assuredly incorporates the scriptures. He (The Word) is more than the Scriptures of course. But speculation abounded then over Him, even as it does today.

So, the fact that there is abundant speculation over this event and the scriptures potentially related to it, is not surprising. We will only as believers fully understand its significance once we see an Antichrist standing in the Temple proclaiming himself to be God. Review these documents and you will recognize the fact that they are relevant to end of days events, but many are calling for the Rapture prior to this signing. They cannot even be sure that this is the covenant spoken of by Daniel. Could it be? — yes. Could it not be? — yes. Are they true or false prophets?

Just as there are many passages of Scripture related in the Old Testament to Christ’s first coming, there are many related to His second coming. I have expounded on these in this blog. Also, I have from scripture shown you why it is necessary to see the salvation of our Israelite brethren before the Resurrection and Rapture can occur. They must be saved and added to their prophesied position in Him, in His body before it can be said of the bride that she has made herself ready. So if these scriptures are true, that I have pointed you to in those many posts; Then those calling for a Rapture before 9/27 are false prophets. This would not be my proclamation but the Bible’s.

I have posted this piece as “controversial” because right now it is. But once 9/28/2019 arrives it will no longer be, for then either I or they will be revealed as false prophets. I am not saying that haughtily. I am saying that based upon God’s Written Word. We must only wait a bit longer to see.

The Seventy Nations and the nations that signed the original covenant mentioned above will compose the court and all decisions will be decided upon by a simple majority vote.

The role of the Sanhedrin will be to consult with and advise the court but the Sanhedrin cannot force its opinion upon the court. It will have one seat and one vote on the court.

All decisions will be made according to a vote including all members.

If more than seventy bodies join the organization the court will determine the division of seats.

All members of the organization will cooperate in building the Temple on Mount Moriah according to their own individual desires and can visit it as they choose when it is built.