We are now living among a group of Government leaders, who are willing to sell their own soul in order to gain and or retain power for a season.

There is absolutely no fear of God whatsoever. They see no judgment day for a people who are busily deceiving the masses.

Why do you think this is? Of course, they have become a slave to the same abominations of former kingdoms. Jesus told the ruling class in Israel that they were of their father the Devil. When a people begins to think that they know better than God what is moral, and when they point the finger at their neighbor for committing lesser sins than their own; then that nation is divided against itself and it will fall. Jesus says that it cannot stand.

This is a divided nation. We who are into the word of God should believe that word. But part of the problem in a divided nation is first and foremost it’s spirituality. We the people of God are also a divided people concerning doctrine. And doctrine represents one’s understanding of truth. Ignoring the church’s neglect for truth is a sign not of unity but of indifference to the very truth of the word. Prophets were sent to Israel when they went the way of neglect. Those prophets were, ignored, scorned, even killed. The truth of their words were unwanted. Today the truth of God’s word is not a concern for the churches. Is it a concern for you?