We are in Him, therefore in us there is no darkness. How can that be?


Think of that — we possess darkness but scripture tells us that, that darkness cannot enter into God’s presence. So again how can that be? Paul tells us that we are to crucify the flesh, and in other places that we are to consider ourselves dead and hidden in Christ. The flesh that we possess today is not the same composition as that, that we will be raised in and possess in the future. This mortal must put on immortality. So we are in Christ, and we walk in faith having put on Him. In the same way we walk in faith having put off the old self with its sinfulness. We by faith consider it dead, even as it will be in the future. The sinful flesh is dying even as it began to do when Adam and Eve sinned. Our soul is also being renewed daily by the Holy Spirit who is within us, as we are walking in the Spirit. This too is by faith. If we grieve the Spirit we are not walking in the Spirit, but in the flesh which is dying. To walk in faith is to walk in the Holy Spirit. To walk in the flesh is to walk without faith. In Him the flesh is dead and it’s sins are covered by the blood. They are no longer alive. Thus we are in the Light in whom there is no darkness.