February 21, 2019

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I have included the article below for your consideration. I will intermingle my comments following her thoughts. I will italicize my comments for ease of understanding. She begins:

Interest in Israel is waning. Does anybody care?

 In recent weeks, several publications have put out alarming stories that evangelical support for Israel is sinking — and especially among young people. The periodicals state that a new survey reveals that there is confusion about, or indifference to, the world’s only Jewish state.

 It is really a two-pronged phenomenon. There is a decline in the interest in end-times (eschatology) and a decline in interest and support for God’s Covenant land and people by those who identify as a part of today’s church.

 So, Jan has a take on just why this is happening. I will insert my comments and my view as to why as we go on.

The Christian Post states, “Seventy-seven percent of evangelicals, ages 65 and older, say they support the existence, security and prosperity of Israel, according to a Life Way Research survey. But only 58 percent of evangelicals ages 18 to 34 say the same.”

First, where do I stand on this? — I fully support Israel, because God’s word promised to bring her back into existence as a Jewish people for her fulfillment in Biblical prophecy in the last days. She is to be put through the refiners fire and brought near to extinction at the very same time that people are falling for false teaching and away from the truth. [Zech 12:3,6,9 & 13:8-9; Matt. 24]. But God has a purpose — she will be saved. What is happening today in this country and around the world with the young of the church is also expected in prophetic writings, as christians will as time progresses toward the end of this age begin to, and continue to fall away from the faith. They will succumb knowing little of the truth of God’s prophetic word. Misunderstanding of the prophetic, is only one driving force that will actually help to bring this about. You see Israel is not presented by dispensationalist teaching as imperfect nation that she is, who is in need of salvation, just as are the Palestinians. Presenting Israel’s return as a fulfillment of prophecy is one thing, but making her a separate chosen people with a fate and a future kingdom differing from our own is not Scriptural. So she cannot be seen as our brethren by a Gentile church thinking that we have no place for her in Christ, any more than one who has replaced her rather than having joined her as Scripture teaches. She prophetically must succumb to the very fate that Jan is lamenting in order to be refined and added back into God’s Olive tree, who’s root is Jesus; a tree for which Jan ironically named her ministry. In fact these same young people who are devoid of the real truth are such largely because of dispensational, and replacement theologies teaching’s, which indirectly are causing their fall or near fallen state even before their time. So because these theologies have stolen truth from all believers, they will continue to adversely effect the students of the errors taught; because error will breed more error.

 The various articles indicate that young people are focused on social justice now. There is a perception that the Palestinians are “downtrodden, persecuted, and mistreated,” and therefore, sympathy is towards them. Israel is the “occupier.”

Sympathy is a good thing to have toward all people who are unsaved, Palestinian and Israelite. Only in Christ can they be at peace. Scripture teaches that they will be just that in Christ’s kingdom, but those who do not find Christ in this age will not see that kingdom.

Adding to the survey were Joel Rosenberg and Chosen People Ministries. Rosenberg stated, “Unless the church gives younger believers a healthy, balanced, solidly biblical understanding of God’s love and plan for Israel, overall evangelical support for the Jewish state could very well plummet over the next decade as Millennials represent an ever-larger percentage of the overall church body.”

And That is exactly what is prophesied to happen.

So who or what is to blame? May I suggest some of the following?

• Pastors rarely teach or preach on the topic and thus it is not deemed as relevant. How can young people understand an issue if it is ignored?

Exactly, but what is ignored in the article by Jan, is a Scriptural truth unlike what has been presented by dispensational theology or their sisters in various forms of replacement theology.

• Dispensationalism is in decline. This theology emphasizes the important and distinct roles of both Israel and the Church.

Herein is contained the problem. Paul very emphatically states that the two peoples are one within the context of Israel’s commonwealth. Error breeds error. The church does not replace Israel but is considered by Paul’s teachings on the subject to be joined to Israel.

• Replacing Dispensationalism are the troubling theologies known as Kingdom Now or Dominionism, Amillenialism, Replacement Theology, Christian Palestinianism, Preterism, and more. None of these will give Israel her proper biblical or end-time role. The emphasis will be on the church.

Unfortunately the emphasis has all along been on the church, and not on Jesus. If we know who Jesus is there is little reason for any of these end-time distortions. Everything that Jesus is — is Jewish. He is the Coming King of Israel — our king; He is the Messiah of Israel or our Christ; He is the blood of the New Covenant — Israel’s promised covenant. He is Israel’s promised Savior, and ours — He is the Lamb Of Israel’s God; the only begotten Son of Israel’s God; He is Israel’s High Priest. And we Gentiles are wild olive branches grafted into Israel’s natural olive tree. one new man with her saints. And Jesus is the root of that tree sustaining all men who come to Him when called.

The latest false teaching: Christian Palestinianism

• Many popular teachers and leaders mislead on issues relating to Israel and eschatology. Some of these include Dr. John Piper, Lynne Hybels, Hank Hanegraaff, Russell Moore, Rick Warren, Rick Wiles, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne, Brian MacLaren, and most postmodern and Emergent teachers. Men like Andy Stanley tell people to “unhitch from the Old Testament.” How’s that for de-emphasizing Israel’s role?? Most of the Word of Faith/prosperity teachers and almost all of the New Apostolic Reformation promote Kingdom Now/Dominionism which does not teach Israel’s rightful role in the future. Again, these theologies place more emphasis on the church.

But none of these teachings more emphasize the Church over Israel than those promoting a separate people of God contained within a Church that is Raptured out of trouble while leaving Israel to suffer without her brethren. And we are those who are commanded to take the gospel to her.

• The destructive “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” (BDS) movement has infected all of the Mainline Protestants. They want to strangle Israel’s economy and thus “crush the occupation.” The entire World Council of Churches has signed onto BDS.

Lynne Hybels at Christ at the Checkpoint

Events like “Christ at the Checkpoint” have painted Israel as the Mideast villain and bully rather than the one free society in that region. Prominent evangelicals and social justice promoters such as Lynne Hybels speak at this event.  So do Tony Campolo, Gary Burge, Jim Wallis, Hank Hanegraaff, Shane Claiborne, and others who attract younger followers.

• Periodicals for young people such as Relevant Magazine have turned into anti-Israel propaganda.

 And while this is very true, Dispensationalists seek to opt out and ignore Jesus command to spread the Gospel to the Jew first and yet are completely satisfied to allow Jews in Israel to perish without Christ.

• Youth events such as the Catalyst Conference and the Justice Conference regularly feature anti-Israel speakers, Palestinians, and speakers with off-base eschatology. Marxist Cornell West is a regular at the Justice Conference. These are targeting evangelical youth. Lynne Hybels has made the youth conference circuit, even bashing Israel’s wall of protection that has reduced Palestinian terrorism over 90%.

• Social justice is no longer just an issue for the religious Left. If you visit the website of the National Association of Evangelicals, you will find 65 articles about social justice! Type that into their search engine.

• Anti-Israel films like “Little Town of Bethlehem” was shown at 360 venues in 2010 including dozens of college campuses. Again, it beat the mantra of the Israeli “occupation” and focused on the Israeli soldiers who enforce it.

Christianity Today says that at best, young evangelicals are “indifferent about Israel.” With such a non-stop barrage of anti-Israel propaganda, how can young minds sort through fiction to find the facts?

The Israeli newspaper Ha-aretz is running an article that states that young evangelicals don’t have the automatic support for Israel that their parents had. This is a generation that is suspicious of anything that is presented without explanation. They don’t want to be political pawns. They don’t adopt automatic views and positions. In order to connect them to Israel, we need to make a case for why they should support it. Future U.S. policy towards Israel if not is at stake! 

All of this is happening as new and young members of the U.S. Congress, including one radical Muslim from Minnesota — Rep. Ilhan Omar — are taking a strong anti-Israel stand. Their anti-Semitism is not even subtle. How many younger people will Rep. Omar, Rep. Tlaib, and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez influence in the wrong direction?

While people, both young and old, can be disloyal and change sides, “He that keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.” (Psalm 121) God’s love and protection will never waiver for His covenant land and people.  

God’s protection of His people is conditioned upon only one thing, and that is what one does with Jesus, Who is the Word made flesh. He is the Truth, He is not a twisted word or truth. There is only one proof that one belongs in the Olive Tree, and that is our belief. There is only one way out of the Olive tree, and that way is not the Rapture, but disbelief in the only Truth the Word of God.

How odd of God,

To choose the Jews;

But not as odd, as those who choose, The Jewish God, but spurn the Jews.

One day following Tribulation, we will all be One new man, children of Abraham ruling with Christ in Jerusalem. David will be the Prince on his throne, and Jesus will be King over all the Earth, and then following His reign, All will be handed over to the Father, and we will reside in the New Jerusalem as one bride of Christ together — one new man.