What are the attributes of an enemy? In order to have an enemy you must first prove to be someone who is hated by another. As a human being there are many ways to accomplish this. As a believer all of them are sinful except for one. To be known as a believer in Christ places us in the sights of those who hate God the Father and His Son our savior. You may be an enemy to another for many reasons, but when your stand for Christ or His word elicits hatred against you it will test your passion for Christ like nothing else. Your standing for Truth can reap for you a religious fervor similar to any that may come from the world.

Those who have a visceral hatred for Jesus or His truth are your ready made enemies but only if they can identify what you are standing for. Yet it is these who we are to love. They will persecute you and say all Manner of evil against you, yet Jesus says love them. If you love Me you will keep My Commandments.

Jesus says it’s easy to love those who love you, but it is a display of Christ likeness to love someone who hates you. The temptation to hate someone who hates you is real. It seems so right. To be able to look through what is natural and to take compassion on one who hates you so wrongly is possibly the greatest evidence of Christ in you. And Christ in you is your hope of Glory, in fact Christ in you is your only hope of glory.

“Without Me you can do nothing.”