God can become your Father, no matter what life you have lived before now. Jesus died to cover all the sins that you ever committed, and He as God’s only begotten Son did that in order to show how much you are loved by Him. He did this according to John in the gospel of John, in order that as a new creature in Him we are empowered with His Holy Spirit, in order that we might become all that He called us to be.

Jesus tells us in John that as the disciples heard the Word that they were made clean by it, and Paul further tells us that this Word as we hear it produces faith in us for one purpose, that we might believe through the faith that it produces. All of this is God’s gift because of His unmerited Favor, His Grace to us. The result for the believer is a new birth, a spiritual birth as Jesus had stated it to Nicodemus — you must be born again.

Once our birth takes place we are told by Paul not to neglect it. He says that just as our physical body needed nourishment in order to grow, that our Spirit man needs nourishment. These gifts are all freely given because of God’s grace to us. In my writings I have not made that completely clear. What I think I have made clear is our need to respond to God’s grace with a purpose to exercise these gifts, — the Word; the faith, as the the Holy Spirit, who is the sealer and the power of our salvation, guides our inner man to take action. Paul tells us that we can neglect this salvation that we are given, and by so doing we grieve the Holy Spirit. I have written much about this so I will not repeat those Scriptural warnings here, except to say: that the same Holy Spirit who is in us has inspired the scriptures producing these warnings. Heed them. And listen to Him, He is the comforter and teacher, who grows you up into a mature Spiritual man of God. One who is able to teach others not only the pure milk of the word, but the pure meat as well. Paul tells that some of us are not yet capable of digesting the meat of God’s word. That would also tell us that some are not yet capable of teaching concerning the meat. That’s ok, you must take the milk for growth.

In your walk in Him, always remember that He is your teacher not man. He will speak to your inner man and confirm what you are to take from a message. He will drive you into the word for clarification. He will feed you milk and bring solid food to you as you need it. Always check the human teacher with the scripture to see if his words are true to the Word.

God’s grace and gifts to us for salvation are awesome, use them for they are your means of growing up into a mature believer, one day to be revealed as a son of God.

I purposely have not given you chapter and verse for what I have said here. You can take these concepts and study those that the Holy Spirit will lead you to confirm by His Word. This will be a good exercise for you to aid you in the process of either accepting or rejecting what man tells you. Should you need help I would be happy to assist you as you ask in the comments, and I would invite all who wish to also assist you to join in with their comments for you.

Thank you for visiting, and God Bless.