Is it in part a fault of the believers? The vast majority of Americans claim to believe in God. Yet the “God” of America today is presented as the same for people everywhere no matter their beliefs. He is a god who is non judgmental towards sin. In fact the American “God” condones sin in all forms from the murder of babies, to sexual sin, to lying, and beyond.

If you watch our politicians who are a reflection of our society you see them involved with this American version of god, who is not the God of the Bible.

This American “God”, who most Americans accept and believe in, is however no different from the gods of the ancients. He is the god of man’s own creation. He doesn’t resemble the God of the Bible, for The Bible’s understanding of God is too narrow and unscientific. This even though from nothing evolution created the heavens and earth, but God is not capable of the same. The true “God” of the universe (they say), who if he is it’s creator — did so through evolution, and has set things in motion and then has stepped back to watch. This is far more acceptable than an all powerful God who spoke a mature universe into place, and followed it up with a mature male and female.

So with this American god it is ok to lie, and rob, steal and kill, so long as you appease the majority of the people with free things. It is not ok to impose your views on anyone else, unless, it would be a follower of this narrow God of the Bible; then it is perfectly ok, because the believers in this God are becoming extinct. And rightly so. They are a dying breed, because certainly no one can believe the Bible literally. So, Abortion is ok even though Capital punishment is not. In other words whatever the God of the Bible stands for, it is ok to be against, because this God is not the American god (“God”).

You see if you eliminate the God of the Bible Justice then is no longer based on the Ten Commandments, and in fact it is no longer based on even the two commandments that Jesus gave, because He said that if you love God and your neighbor, that all of the commandments would be fulfilled in just those two. But the Jesus Of America is all love for every body and everything. He condemns none. Well he obviously would need to condemn the narrow minded bigots. The conservative followers of the Bible, who take everything so literally. Why they don’t even agree themselves on what is doctrine, and truth.

“So there you have it. The Bible cannot be literally understood because even its followers argue over its content.”

“Don’t tell me Abortion is wrong when even the Bible thumpers tell us that the aborted fetus goes right to heaven.”

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