j-M you are an amazing young man. This brother is 19 years of age for those visiting my blog. If you are a believer, then scripture is very important to you. It is truth. But the real question is — does calling yourself a believer really make you one? When you read this do you believe it. And think of this are you sacrificing your children but just in a different way then did the pagans? Thanks J-M for your boldness.

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G’day, everybody!  Well, today is Christmas.  I’m sure many of you will be spending time with family and friends, opening presents, etc, etc.  It’s widely assumed (and taught) that Christmas is Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) birthday – or if not His actual birthday, at least is a celebration of His birth.  But is that actually true?

One may be surprised to know that the early Christians did not widely celebrate Jesus’ birth, and disagreed significantly about the date.  Most months had proponents claiming a date in it for His birth (May 20, January 6, etc).[2]  December 25th was just one date among many.  Then, in 336 AD, the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine (who had “converted” to Christianity – albeit remaining a staunch Mithra worshiper until literally the day of his death, when he suddenly decided he wanted a baptism – but very strongly mixed paganism [you know, the stuff the…

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