MoveOn.Org and are promoting identical protests

according to their web pages, the protests are to be held on November 8th at 5 PM local time…

Here is their promotion concerning what is to take place.


Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel’s Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller’s boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation. Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and cannot be allowed to remain in charge of it. The Nobody Is Above the Law network demands that Whitaker immediately commit not to assume supervision of the investigation. Our hundreds of response events are being launched to demonstrate the public demand for action to correct this injustice. We will update this page as the situation develops.

For those trusting in our political process, it’s not going to bring peace, but heat to our land. God is allowing these things for His reasons. I believe that the time for man to govern is soon coming to an end. I have written about these things. But the end will not be pretty.

Most believers think that they will not be here to see it. This blog and the book I wrote explain from scripture why, based on the scriptures, their understanding is most likely incorrect.

There are many messages posted here to assist you in understanding the last days for believers based upon the word of God.

I believe that my work is mostly done. I will continue to update the various posts, to answer comments, and to occasionally add a post that I believe will enhance this site, but the teachings of scripture do not change. I will do these things so long as Our Lord allows me.

Remember you are welcome to visit and comment even if you disagree. Part 2 will deal with why Global warming may be real in a biblical sense. From a purely human sense hatred is now boiling. Is this evidence of a deeper problem?