Our brother is so right on his take concerning the elite of our rapidly falling nation.

Hard Times Ministries

All the rage today are talking heads, experts, pundits and soothsayers who love to lecture about sexism and racism. These experts would like to convince us that we are all racists, insomuch if you are a member of the white race.

What is strange about this is that more often than not the messenger to these exhortations are from generally elite people with no real experience in the groups they pertain to have expertise. Their argument, generally circular centers on the concept that regardless of the argument, you are a racist and sexist. Somehow and for some reason, a guilt experience of higher middle income people is the fad fanning the flames of most so-called civil rights demands.

Never mind the fact that the messengers are generally rich, and they give no real solution except for total and complete capitulation; the messengers cry for forfeiture of those of whom may…

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