Satan hates the pretribulation Rapture and throughout the history of the church has sought to either bury the doctrine under layers of false teachings or discredit it. If ever there was a time in which this rings true, it’s today. His hostility to it, however, began in the earliest days of the church.
This statement is recorded In the… 5 Reasons Satan Hates The Rapture:: By Johnathan Brentner — Rapture Ready
I don’t think that Jonathan is without knowledge, so why does he not know that there was no teaching of a pretribulation Rapture in the days of Paul’s penning his letters to the Thessalonians? Actually his conclusion is easily arrived at by him, because he believes it so throughly that thinking it to have been hidden for 1800 years must in his mind have been the work of Satan.
In this post I plan to deal with just his opening here and allow you to read his arguments. In future posts I will look at each argument individually.
So does Satan hate the pre-Trib Rapture so much that he hid it for the first three centuries in what is known today as historic Premillennialism? And then for the next 1200 years he hid it within amillennialism. Historic premillennialism understood the resurrection and what we call the Rapture to be Posttrib at the time of the Lords Second Coming. So Johnathan sees the pretrib rapture to be hidden, and now it is being openly opposed by many believers, but even though the entire church opposed it up until less than 200 years ago, yet today it is the most popular of the views offered on the Rapture. But Johnathan sees today as Satan’s greatest move to discredit it. So read his arguments keeping in mind these things, and I’ll see you next time to discuss his first of 5 reasons that Satan hates the Rapture. This is Johnathan’s title, yet he really means the pretrib Rapture, not the rapture.
His title actually could be right concerning Satan’s hatred for the Rapture. For if it is connected to the Second Coming as scripture teaches, then it will at that time bring about his demise following his rampage during the Tribulation when the Holy Spirits restraint is lifted from his earthly activities. Satan knows that if he cannot defeat Israel and the believer (her offspring) during that time his plan to seat himself above God is over.
May our God bless you with all wisdom and understanding as you study these things.