Should you wish to view Clark’s u-Tube presentation, it is easily found by just inputting his name on your u tube app. Since I’m really not recommending this video to you I will not include the sight address. Should you elect to view it just remember he was wrong about the Rapture in Sept. of 2017.

So is it possible that Clark is correct concerning the Oct, 10 date for Rosh Hashanah and this years potential for Rapture? In actuality his method of determining the exact month is not the method used by Israel in the days that Jesus walked the earth. The truth also is that the Jews lost the actual dating of their months following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 AD. Their calendar which was later produced was with what must be considered an estimated dating system. It was not based upon the actual sighting of the moon as practiced in Jesus day. This method was spoken of in detail in last weeks article on Rosh Hashanah.

There is of course today a NASA program that enables us to know the exact dates in the past of each new moon🌙; and some might say that because of this program Rosh Hashanah’s date each year can easily be known, but they could be very different because of the passage of time since those actual sightings in Jerusalem itself. For then these sightings would be altered at times by cloud cover.

I agree that it is entirely likely that the Rapture will take place on Rosh Hashanah in a future year, because Rosh Hashanah is referred to as the day of which no man knows the day or hour. Jesus seemed to be referring to Rosh Hashanah when He told us that this of His coming could not be known by us. And if God is controlling those days depending on His knowledge of the actual sightings of these new moons, then He alone knows when the Rosh Hashanah moon will be sighted in Jerusalem on that special year of the Lord’s return.

My understanding of these fall feast days would also differ from Clark’s in the following way. All three fall Feasts I believe will be fulfilled by Messiah in the same month of Tishri in the same year of His return. He fulfilled the spring Feasts in the same sequence that they came about on the Jewish calendar, and also in the very same year. There is no reason to think that Messiah will not abide by this established pattern when He returns.

The bigger question might be — Is God’s method of determining this day over the now thousands of years the same method as was used by Israel when Jesus walked the earth? — If so is the actual day, which begins Tishri, then knowable by us? It truly might still be “the day of which no man knows the day or hour”.

May God bless you as you continue seeking out the truth concerning Messiah’s return.

36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

Matthew 24:36 NASB

I believe that this truth will remain until His return. What do you believe?