What were they thinking, well also be the question of the Dispensationalists when the church finds itself in the midst of Tribulation. Although I agree with Brentner’s take concerning the question the disciples asked concerning the kingdom, I wonder what he is thinking concerning the promise made to the Gentile believer in Ephesians 2 concerning the covenant which we are made apart of. For this promise to the Saints is also ours according to this chapter. If we are one with them, they are also one with us. If they must experience Tribulation where is the scripture that separates us for just the time of the Tribulation?

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In November of 1943, the USS Iowa carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt to a meeting with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill to discuss future plans regarding WWII. The crew of a nearby ship, the USS William D. Porter, somehow mistook the USS Iowa for a German ship and fired a torpedo at it. Fortunately, the…

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