That’s right I said “truths” even though we know that both cannot be true as they are presented. So as with most controversy within church doctrine, both have Scriptural support, don’t they? If they do, and they do; why do they? Jesus was tempted by Satan using scripture. So, one verse does not a doctrine make. Jesus answered Satan, actually revealing more scripture, because He is the word of God. It’s an interesting concept, but scripture tells us that He is the word or truth, yet He, the word of God, Himself says: I speak only what I hear from My Father. And one of Jesus answers to Satan is revealing. “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.”

So what each of us must be careful not to do is to use a valid scripture overlooking all else to make a false point. Scripture can be twisted by man with or without satanic influence. And both of these doctrines that we are considering are Scriptural but misleading if left to be one sided. There is a middle ground. Jesus had told Satan that man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. So every word of God according to Jesus is to be supportive of truth. So when you are studying this and any other conflicting doctrine list the scriptures that support each view under that view, and then compare them. For example:

Scripture says many are called but few are chosen. Where does that fit? Could it fit either? Does it impact in any way our choice of doctrine? Let’s analyze it.

I would think that an important question to consider would be — why would God call someone who He has not chosen? Yet this scripture leads us to believe that not everyone called is chosen. Would God call someone whom He has already chosen for hell? Would a just God actually choose someone for hell without cause?On the other hand if it is His intent to call as many as will listen to the gospel, but to choose only those who believe, does the calling of men who will not believe and be chosen comport with a total Scriptural understanding of God?

Additionally we should look at the challenges to each position to determine what within the doctrine is more legitimate. For example: man’s free will is challenged as it should be because man cannot earn salvation apart from The Holy Spirit calling and changing him.

Additional considerations: what impacts our consideration?

Who benefits when there is confusion and conflict allowed between scriptures within our doctrine? Does the Church benefit? Does the world benefit from confusion among believers? Does Satan benefit? Does God receive glory from our confusion?

If God as the sovereign of the universe is orchestrating this confusion does that not make Him responsible for it? If on the other hand He (The Holy Spirit our teacher) is allowing it to cause some of the called ones impacted by His Spirit to wake up and exercise their free will to search for and find truth (many are called but few are chosen) in order that they heed the Holy Spirits call and rest in Christ, and then exercise that free will to remain in Him (if you abide in Me); then can it not be said that all things work for the good to him who loves God and is called according to His purpose. Are not both God’s Sovereignty and man’s free will present in this concept? Is God not looking for repentant (men of contrite heart) believers who will love Him and abide in Him.

We may think that there is a fine line here. Isn’t it ok to think that God causes this confusion in order to ultimately bring glory to His name? I believe that Jesus would answer Satan with this word: it is written, God is not the author of confusion.

If we believe that God orchestrated both of these doctrines Calvinism and Arminianism what is the truth about God? If we believe that He by His Sovereignty will allow it to ultimately bring glory to God by our discovery of His place and ours then divisions (walls) can come down because of our curiosity to find Him who is truth. Why are we as believers so divided in our understanding of it if God is totally controlling all of this and us? He has a plan and it will succeed with or without us. It may not include us if we do not follow His leading. God can raise up worshipers from these stones.

Is it not clear to have an understanding that He is allowing some things, and causing others in order to in His timing make intervention as He often does in order that some who hear His call will come to a knowledge of the truth and move from the ranks of the called to the chosen? Do our decisions count in life or do they not? Are we accountable for them or is He? Is Satan’s fall orchestrated by Him or is it because He is God that He knew that it would happen and He decided to proceed anyway, knowing that many would respond to The Gospel of grace? And yes because He knows the end from the beginning, He actually knows up front who will heed His call. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Why is it that He now has to restrain Satan and his coming earthly control until the time?

Yes God is sovereign, but He did not create evil. Evil rose up through rebellion and unbelief of His truth. He uses it. It seems very evident that when viewing history in light of the scriptures that much is done in this age on earth that is not done in heaven. There is sickness and death that he allows. And this is why I strongly believe in a future earthly millennium where Christ has total dominion over the earth, and during which time sin and death and Satan will be totally in God control as it is in heaven leading to their eventual eradication from the earth.

I am not going to tell you how to believe. Hopefully I have stirred you up to research this for yourself. Without a vision the people perish.

I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am He, ye shall die in your sins. — John 8:24 believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. God is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.