A good question this — How close? If we look at the World today, we can make the observation that we are moving in a Biblical direction. But what exactly does that mean and what does it tell us about nearness?

There are three prongs to the biblical end of days prophetic word concerning the world. All three Government, Economics, and Religion are to be controlled by Satanic forces during the end of days. This does not necessarily mean that there is unity. These systems will be forced upon the people of the last days.

The structures for government, and economic or currency development are in place as the UN, UNited Nation’s; and the IMF, International Monetary Fund. Both have been in place for decades. They are both evolving. The United States currently has veto power within both the UN and the IMF.

The IMF currently requires 85% approval for the passage of governing regulations and loan approval. They have the power basically to make or break a nation financially. Currently the US controls approximately a 16.8% share which allows for the defeat of any proposed action.

So though the structure is in place for a unified or one World control of both government and finance the unity that would be required is not in place. Of course we can readily see that the same is true on the religious front. So one might say that we really are not that close, but that thinking is a bit naive.

Satanic control of the world requires only one thing, and no it is not the Rapture of the church. What is required is the removal of all God restraint on Satan, his angelic forces, and on the the minds of men and women who make the choice to follow him. In other words The Holy Spirit will lift restraint first from Satan and then from his followers. It is said of believers that we are in the world but not of the world. The Bible says that there is coming a day when worldly man will be given over to a reprobate mind, or a Satanic mind control. Both Saved and unsaved men who continue to walk with restraint provided by the Holy Spirit will continue to be pursued by the Spirit, and the unsaved will be subjected to the Gospel message in God’s own timing. But once the majority of those in the world begin to follow an unrestrained Satanic force the unity of control in Government, finance and religion will be quickly realized.

So just how close are we? We are one major war in the Middle East coupled with one major financial collapse away. And then it is still all up to God’s timing and the lifting of restraint from Satan and those who choose to follow him through his Antichrist. God is in control. The worldly Man has no idea. Unfortunately the church is confused in its understanding of what it calls the dividing of the word of truth. This Greek word (Orthotomeo) is only used once in the New Testament and it may be a contributor to some of the greatest confusion in the church today. We will discuss this in the next blog.

Phonetic Spelling


Parts of Speech



1 to cut straight, to cut straight ways

a to proceed on straight paths, hold a straight course, equiv. to doing right

2 to make straight and smooth, to handle aright, to teach the truth directly and correctly