This is a good piece. This is about “New Age” infiltration into the church. Good books warned us of the coming New Age plan to infiltrate the church from within much like a virus. Constance Cumby and Tex Marr wrote volumes on this subject. It’s a real threat to the believer coming now from inside the church. Then in the 70’s – 80’s when they were warning us it was mostly outside the church. It is basically eastern religion moving west with an underlying occult component. Thanks for bringing this subject back to the forefront. This certainly confirms warnings in the Bible about the apostacy which is taking place and supports our time as being — last days Biblicle. I write about all of this in And Then THE end Shall Come. This and much more is happening as we progress toward the end of the age.

via WARNING! Spiritual Formation~Coming to a church near you~maybe even your’s~ (if it is NOT already there)