One would think that the Democratic Party would stand for truth as a party representing 45% or more of the American electorate. A party that at one time was headed by men and women who fought against Communist Socialism in the Cold War. But today they represent the very things that they once fought to protect this country from. Such as the dangers that arise from propaganda that distorts and deceives the public.

They have assumed the Socialist Philosophies as their own.

Using propaganda to deceive the voter

Using propaganda to defeat their political foes.

They have single handedly removed God from everything Government. Including voting Him out of their platform, and only reinstating Him for political reasons.

They have supported an agenda that is opposed to God’s laws regarding the murder of the innocent, and the immorality of the populace.

They have actually conspired with the Russians while falsely accusing their political opposition of being guilty of doing the things that they are actually doing.

They have infiltrated the News Media, the judiciary and the State Department with a hierarchy adhering to their agenda and philosophy.

They have fought for an education system which has been able to produce clones of their Socialist political philosophy.

They have in essence adopted and introduced into American society everything that the Soviet Union was trying to spread across the Globe before the USSR fell.