Although I would possibly agree that there is far too much division within the doctrine (truth) presented by the multiplicity of church denominations, still I do not object to the points made in this article. It is thought provoking — You should read it. Was the Reformation the cause of all the differences in doctrinal truth? I do not know, but what I do Know is that Catholicism is no good purveyor of truth, and this article makes that clear.

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Here in Ireland, while there have been a few events to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and some encouraging articles written about it, other attitudes to this notable anniversary are just unbelievable. It is understandable when the Reformation is maligned by Roman Catholic hierarchy, of course, but when I hear an “Evangelical” refer to it as “the mother of all church splits;” and another saying that “fractures caused by the Reformation must be healed,” I am shocked – but somehow not surprised. We are living in days when many are embarrassed by the Reformation – even those who profess to be Christians.

I believe it is true to say that Roman Catholicism assimilates itself into the original (often Pagan) religions and cultures of many countries… but while it takes on many faces, Roman Catholicismnever changes. Some “Evangelicals” are now moving in the direction of ecumenism and many…

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