Humanism says that the end justifies the means. Christianity says I will always do what I believe to be right in God’s site. Today Roy Moore is in trouble over sins that he possibly committed over 40 years ago while a democrat politician. But why is he in trouble? He is in trouble because today not 40 years ago as a fundamentalist he should have known better. That’s called manipulation. Did you get that? This is what we are dealing with. Donald Trump was accused and is being accused of past Sexual impropriety. Why? Is it for the same reason?

We must ask — Why the Democrats all of the sudden have become the moral conscience of America? Forget Bill Clinton, and even Hillary; and forget their sexual escapades. Forget Anthony Wiener. Forget the Obamas, don’t even begin to speak of their past sexual history. But certain Democrats have now sacrificed themselves for the soul purpose of — that’s right — getting Trump. They now know that they can’t get him on The Russian collusion charge. So they may have even enlisted a Republican or two for sacrifice in order to save the world from Trump in a completely ingenious way.

None of these men are fighting these sexual harassment charges, oh there is the appearance of a fight, but no real challenge to the accusations. Again I must ask why? Is it that the end justifies the means?

A true believer in Jesus realizes that everybody has committed sin in their lifetime. The question is — does he or she realize that they are a sinner and what are they doing about it if they do realize it? A believer in and follower of Jesus has no problem with accepting ones past failures because Jesus has accepted and paid for their own; and so long as He is asked to take them upon Himself and forgive them we are also willing to forgive. Believers ask Jesus to forgive them and to deal with them — to make us better; but a progressive thinks themselves incapable of sin and normally looks at anyone who does what Christianity calls sin, a looser or a hypocrite; because what is a hypocrite? Sure — someone who thinks a thing to be totally wrong, yet still does it. The progressive is certainly not a hypocrite, because “it/he/she” thinks anything goes — there is no sin. God to them, if there is a god, is all love. He loves everybody and accepts everyone — well — except for the Christian and Jew, who believe in sin and the Bible. But that’s ok, tolerance can only go so far. Some things like Trump must be purged from the system.

So where are we headed in my opinion? Christian’s are already being called upon to renounce Judge Moore today because you don’t want to be considered a hypocrite do you? And tomorrow it will be Trump that we are asked to renounce. They just don’t understand Christianity and forgiveness. Do they? Or do they understand us better than we understand ourselves?

Will we Christians of principle, who stand for what is right even when it hurts, be backed into a corner with no out except to call for Trump to step down? Think about it. Some of us, many of us will support Congress when they decide to call for the Donald to step down. Why would they do that? 40 Democrats Trump haters and 20 Republican never Trumpers can’t be wrong, can they. Certainly the media, even Fox News will have to admit that it was inevitable. It is just the right thing to do. When it happens, we will dismiss it as just a bad period in our history.

I’m not a prophet, and I’m not sure that I’m correct, but I certainly see how this — could play out this way, and maybe, just maybe it is being orchestrated in that direction. What do you think?