When boiled down there are many basic eschatological or (end of days) understandings today within the church which contain arguments outlining the past and future prophetic plan based on each ones understanding of these prophecies. Fortunately there are only two pillars on which all of the prophetic confusion is constructed. They are fairly well known within the prophetic community. There are some similarities. All recognize some form of final battle or Armageddon between God and Satan or his Antichrist; a resurrection of just and unjust; a new heaven and new earth. Some form of a millennium. Some form of a church reign with or without Christ.


There is little unity within either of the major pillars (Pillar is my name for the two extremes on the Prophecy spectrum) though in the one pillar known as replacement theology there are several variations, which operate with the understanding that Prophecy has basically ceased for Israel. Thus the church has replaced Her in God’s plan. Included in the basic is agreement that the future home of the Church is heavenly, and also it is agreed that there is no millennium following The resurrection. There are variations of belief concerning a millennium which is basically fulfilled during this the new covenant period of this age. The post millennialist see a physical kingdom brought in through His church taking place before Christ’s return. The a-millennialists basically see only a spiritual kingdom being presently acted out during this age but within the church.


The opposition pillar is found in premillennialism. It also has various forms within all of which see a yet unfulfilled prophetic future for Israel which will be fulfilled in a future earthly millennium following Christ’s return. These Last days prophetic scriptures surrounding Jesus second coming are not yet fulfilled.


The main differences between these various views from all camps are these: is or is not Israel still involved in God’s future plan? Will or will there not be a future millennium? Will the Lord come back in the resurrection and rapture before, during or after the Tribulation and the final battle of this age Armageddon? Are there many parts to the resurrection or is there just one or maybe two as believed by some.


Looking at things from a purely human or worldly perspective one might conclude from all of this that the church is so divided on these doctrines that there will never be unity. It could also be concluded that with this kind of division among theologians, there could never be total understanding on this topic by the laity much less the world that is looking on. So is there hope? You bet — truth is the unifying factor. Fortunately or Unfortunately truth has not yet been adequately explained. Fortunately the Holy Spirit is still at work in this age. But the truth is present in the Scriptures, and the promise is that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.


A couple of days ago I posted an article titled What Is Really Going on Here? Someone Upset Over Being Wrong?  In that article I pointed out just how it would appear unity will finally come amongst believers. If you haven’t read that I suggest you do that. Shortly I will be publishing an article on why I believe Scripture teaches a Posttrib Rapture. These articles the one just mentioned and this one that you are reading will set the stage for the churches involvement in the Tribulation.


See you next when it’s finished. Jerry