I have once again posted a reply on Terry James Prophesy Line to his article Sure End-of-the-Age Indicator: none of my responses to him thus far have been published or better said allowed on his site.
Well Terry, I see you took down another of my responses. It obviously was too close to Scriptures truth for you, but probably even more so for your reader to actually be able to consider. I would never wish anyone who disagrees with me especially one who claims to be a believer anything but well being. But you like to paint all who disagree with you in the same light. That’s ok. I will keep prodding you from time to time because I consider it an expression of my love for you. You have to know that I’m pointing out Scriptures truths, truths that for some unknown reason you don’t want your reader to even consider? You see I have not only considered the Dispensationalist and Reformed arguments in my book, but I have shown them wrong from scripture. Therefore I do not need to name call or be mean. I have done my job before the Lord, and it’s up to Him not me if He should want it’s message from Scripture to become well known or not. You imply that people who oppose you are merely seeking to advance their poison. Yet you seem to be afraid to take them on as did Paul openly in the Scriptures. That is if you are truly right and they are truly wrong.

I stated that I have done my job before the Lord. How do I know that?

My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

James 5:19-20

Straying from the truth of the word itself is a big problem within Christianity today, but if you are as open to scripture as you even believe you are, you are already very much aware of that fact. For example you have never replied to any of my questions concerning our true relationship to Israel as depicted by Paul in Ephesians and Romans. I could write much more but Terry, have you ever considered that maybe it is you who are leading the sheep astray on these truths that you overlook? How can we now according to Paul be one new man with the Saints, partakers of their covenants and promises and still according to you remain separate? Remaining separate places us back outside looking in on these great promises. In Messiah we possess these, outside we are children of wrath. You are correct in that we have not replaced Israel. But, we are adopted into Israel, one new man in Israel’s Messiah.
I would invite Terry to engage me here on this important Scriptural Truth.  Will he do it?  Who knows as this point?

There have of course been many more points that I have made to Terry on his site, that you can find spoken to here and in the book in which God has allowed me to be involved.