This article tells the story of the rewrite of Jewish/Palestinian history in the land known as Israel today. Although most of the Jews who today occupy the ancient lands given to Abraham by Covenant, which was passed on through Jacob (who was renamed Israel) do not believe in the Messiah who came to them; yet, there is a Messianic movement in Israel that has come to see Jesus as her Messiah, her savior.

From a biblical standpoint this return to Messiah by Israel must happen in order to bring about the consummation of all prophetic events recorded in scripture. In other words the salvation of Israel is the final act to enter the stage in what Jesus called this age. This is prophesied. Therefore it stands to reason that there is Satanic opposition to this final act on the World scene leading to the millennial reign of Messiah. This article is proof of that resistance. The Palestinian message is proof of Satanic involvement because it is conceived in deception. Read the article and you will be a better informed believer in the spiritual battle described in the Scriptures.