Jan Markell just wrote an email letter to all of her news group with the above title. I’m sure you can read it on her site Olive Tree Ministries. And please understand I love much of what she stands for. But to the Pre-trib community there is no blessed hope apart from a Rapture that delivers them from the Great Tribulation. Forget those today who are kneeling before an ISIS blade, forget those on their death beds, forget those under the Alter in the heat of the Great Tribulation who had been martyred who cry out “when Lord”. Forget these and every other Believer who has named the name of Messiah but has not seen recorded in Scripture the pre-Trib Rapture, because they have no Blessed Hope.

Forget the Christians who died at the stake by fire. Forget the believer who was fed to the lion, forget all who preceded the teachings of Darby and Schofield. Forget all believers who lived before the 1830’s. They had no blessed hope.
And now even the pre-Tribbers are losing hope, because their selfish view of the blessed hope is being blasted. It is being blasted with “true” some false teaching — the replacement movement, and Preterism. But what’s more important it is being blasted by the word of God, and they refuse to see the importance of the word’s impact on their teachings.
If you have been one of the very few who have read my posts on Word Press you already know the importance of the Word on what the Bible has to say about Jesus’ return. The titles you will find there related to His coming are:
The Fall Feasts and The Coming of Messiah
Is The Great Tribulation Really God’s Wrath — is it really the wrath that we will not see?
What Is Truth concerning Jesus Warning of A Future Falling Away?
THE ANCIENT JEWISH WEDDING — how does it effect prophecy?
The end of the age.
Is God Finished with Prophecy?
The Gentile and The Jew (In Messiah) — Are we one or are we not? (A debate)
CAN A CHRISTIAN BE A FALSE PROPHET? — What would it mean if that were to be a Scriptural concept?
I will be writing more in the future. And posting them on this cite. In the meantime you can get a copy of AND THEN THE END SHALL COME from me. $20 includes shipping. I believe it is out of print through Amazon. But I may republish in the future.