People often try to tell me that only the Pre-Trib rapture can be true based on the fall feasts of Israel. So here I will attempt to clear that issue.

The spring feasts in Israel were all fulfilled by the Lord in the same calendar year on the exact same calendar days as were the Jewish feasts scheduled for that year which was believed to be in the year 32AD. So they were recorded within a 60 day time period BEGINNING WITH Passover and ending with Pentecost. Therefore there is no reason to believe that the fall feasts will not be fulfilled at the time of the return of Messiah in the same way in the same year as His future coming is to occur, and on the exact feasts days on the Jewish calendar (Tishri 1-15). This would mirror the pattern established by Him in His first coming.

So how might His Second coming look? The potential fulfillment would begin on Tishri 1 with the sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem, and immediately upon its sighting the sun and the moon will be darkened and the stars will be falling (Matthew 24:29). The feast of trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) will have begun with the new moon sighting just before total darkness, since it occurs exactly on Tishri 1 and is celebrated on Tishri 1&2. But with our Post-Trib scenario It is now Tishri 1 on the calendar. Tishri 1 is called “the day of which no man knows the day or the hour”, because it’s beginning relies on the new moon sighting.  It is the first day of the Jewish new Year, and on this particular year it has now begun with the spotting of the new moon. The sliver of the new moon has been spotted, therefore the first trumpet of the feast has blown, and Jesus will now come to Edom (Isa. 63:1-13). Prior to this Israel has fled her land during the battle of Armageddon which has been raging for some time now, and they are hiding in Edom (possibly in Petra). This is believed even by pre-Trib theologians).

So, Jesus now comes through Edom with one purpose — to save the remnant of Israel who are now calling upon His name for salvation (Hosea 5-15). All over the world the sky has suddenly become totally darkened. And Jesus is now in the wine press. He has stained His garments as He has begun the treading of the wine press of wrath, and He has done it alone ( Isa 63:3). Notice His saints are not yet with Him. This is important because it is a timing clue.

So it would occur following this His deliverance of Israel (their salvation) that Messiah will return to heaven to light up the darkened eastern sky as He gathers His Saints for His visible second Coming to earth to finish the treading of the wine press (and the outpouring of Gods (Orge) wrath– also notice that He is still attired in the blood stained garments (Rev.19:13) — His second coming would occur at the blowing of the last trumpet of Rosh Hashanah, but it is still the same day Tishri 1. Remember the Jewish calendar day begins with sunset, or nightfall and extends until nightfall of the following day. The happenings surrounding the blowing of this last trumpet are further explained in Rev.11:15-19. This trumpet will bring about the first resurrection and the gathering of the saints or what we call the rapture; and will usher in the messianic kingdom. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All of these things are spoken of as part of Rosh Hashanah. Why, is this not a mid-Trib rapture? — two reasons — first because Jesus does not reign until after the Great Tribulation (Matt.24 & Rev. 19&20), and in this passage He has begun His reign (Rev.11:17). Secondly, because Revelation just like other prophetic books in scripture is not a sequential book. There are several consummations to this age recorded in Revelation’s scripture, but they each one point to the exact same one event, Jesus Coming presence with mankind in this world — the Second Coming.

Following the Tishri 1 events and His coming, it’s now the second day Tishri 2 and Jesus will complete the trampling of the winepress bringing about the destruction of the resha’im (the totally wicked) in the wine press of God’s wrath.

Then for the 7 days between Tishri 2 and Tishri 10 the marriage supper of the Lamb will possibly take place on the earth for those intermittent seven days. Some will say that the marriage of the Lamb must be in the Fathers house in heaven, but they overlook many facts. I will point out only two of those here. First the Chuppah or Huppah in a Jewish wedding was originally used to prove the virginity of the bride. Today it is a cover over the bride and groom at the wedding, but in the ancient wedding it was a cloth embroidered with the names of both the bride and groom by the mother of the bride or by the bride herself. It was used on the marriage bed in the house of the bride to prove virginity. Why — because a bride accused of not being a virgin was subject to stoning.

Secondly, it is not until after the Great Tribulation that the scripture informs us that the bride has made herself ready in Revelation 19. The lord is about to return to earth at this time. So where will the wedding take place? You decide.

Since Tishri 1 thru Tishri 10 represents the ten days of Awe, and Tishri 10 is the time of Yom Kippur — the day of atonement, then following Tishri 10 judgment would begin with the judgment of the nations — These are those who remain on this particular Yom Kippur, which is in this year of the Lords return after the treading of the wine press, this judgement by the new King occurs on the day taught by Jewish Rabbis as the day in which the writing and blotting takes place in the books of life and death for those worthy of and unworthy of entrance into the Millennial Kingdom. This judgment then would be for the individuals from these nations, who are the only remaining mortal persons alive having not yet seen death on earth. Thus the days of Awe have ended, and Jesus fulfills this Days events when the persons representing these nations will be accounted either worthy or unworthy of entrance into the kingdom by the King.

Thus Jesus will fulfill Rosh Hashana’s requirement for atoning for the sins allowing Israel to return to their God as in Teshuvah, and establishing the new kingdom on the new year. He has recorded the names in the book of life on Yom Kippur.

After these days of judgment Sukkot (the feast of tabernacles) would begin on Tishri 15 with the Lord taking up residence among us as He takes His throne and His abode in Jerusalem in the midst of His people. “And it shall be that all who are left from all the gentiles which came up against Yerushalayim, shall go up from year to year to bow themselves to the Sovereign, יהוה of hosts, and to observe the Festival of Booths.  Zechariah ‪14:16‬. This is then the first time these nations will celebrate this feast.

I only produce this speculative scenario to show how our Lord might fulfill with His Coming the Fall feasts. The pre-Trib scholars present their view of these feasts, but it is my opinion that they do not fit the requirement based on the pattern made in Jesus in His first coming.

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P.S. The 2016 election that is coming up in just days from now will tell us much about the closeness of this event. One candidate is a globalist, and her election will speed prophetic endtime events. The other is a nationalist and his election will delay these events possibly for some extended time.