Alan Dershowitz (not a Republican, but a realist and a constitutionalist), tells us that the new D.C. Grand Jury is a further indication of the plan to take Trump down. There is no way that the President can receive a jury of his piers in a D.C. Jury Panel.
During the primaries I was not a Trump fan, once he was the nominee I supported him as most likely our last hope to thwart the demise of America and the rise of the new world order. Today it appears to me that our Nation may well be continuing it’s moral decline into Revelation’s Prophecy of a worldwide Antichrist system. Remember it is not if, but when this system will come about.

We call Washington the swamp, but it resembles more a political cesspool, with it’s lying, cheating, power hungering, self destructive behavior. These are the leaders of America, and Trump remains the one best human hope for a clean up in this clogged sewer. If he vanishes where is our nation headed? It will not be pretty, but we should know that for it is already becoming a picture of Revelations Babylon along with the rest of the “free” world’s leaders.

Time may be shorter than we think. I think our prayer must be for God’s will to superceed our own, because what we want may not be where we are headed. Paul said to do all we can to stand in the “evil day”. Is it here? — it is certainly an evil day.