The truth of Hitler and his attempt to eliminate the Jews, which was supported at the time be many Arab nations, is told within those walls. Today the rise of Radical Islam is much the same.

Having visited more than one Holocaust Museum it is obvious that most have not and will not entertain themselves with that truth. But the fact is made abundantly clear that good people even when informed mostly do nothing to thwart the rise of evil.

Those who do stand up for truth during such times are normally not heard, and will eventually pay a price for their stand.

Today we have bought into the theology that says: no need to consider or fear the evil day, for it will not come upon you — the Rapture is the next thing on God’s agenda for you.

We ignore past history, and present world conditions even as the evil day approaches. Paul says put on the whole armor of Christ so that you will be able to stand in the evil day.

Our president recently used Aesop Fables to tell the story of what radical Islam is and will do to society. This plague will actually lend credence to the arguments for New World Order.

The warnings today that are coming for the preparation of God’s people for the evil day are so far ignored by the vast majority. If we read scriptures warnings about our times it becomes clear that they are going to be ignored.