Yes, and it is going to get worse by association. Today guilt by association abounds everywhere: Arab = Muslim, USA = Christian, All religions = One god, Etc. Generalization is not common sense. Truth is what matters, and nobody seeks truth anymore. Just believing the way most do creates a God that is so schizo SCHIZOPHRENIC.  Believing that He created so many religions all equaling truth is proof of just how sick society really is. There is no such thing today as a false religion.

The Muslim faith is unfortunately deception of over 1 billion human beings, and yes some of them, maybe most are “good” people, but then — concerning mankind, God has said “none are good no not one”. The truth is there is only one God and He is not Allah. He has many prophets and none of them were Mohammud. Believers in Jesus are promised persecution in His name. Radical Islam is more than willing to overtly oblige.

Most of the news media are more than willing to lump everything “Christian” under one umbrella, and pronounce it nuts.  Yet they call for tolerance of every religious view other than a biblical one.   Yet the Bible and it’s prophets called for astute analysis and understanding within the prophet/teacher class of those even claiming and proclaiming a biblical faith.

Unfortunately today most of the Overseers and Preachers have no basic knowledge of  scripture. Their denominational doctrine is another story, and the sheep go untended.