And Then Messiah Shall Come

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My Prayer

Jesus, these are the things that are lately on my mind.  Only through abiding in You will I ever bear fruit for Your Kingdom.  So I ask:

Do I still love you as I did when You first sent your Spirit into my soul? Or have I lost my first love?  

Am I still willing to see and bear the cross you established for me — to each day take up and bear?  Or have I grieved your Spirit?  

Have I left the straight and narrow way to stray back into the world from which one day long ago you left the ninety and nine in order to search for and rescue me?  

Am I worthy, Jesus, of all that you have done for me? Not that I could ever be worthy on my own, but I will not forget your word to the Sadducees, who, in their attempt to trick you concerning the resurrection, heard you teach that resurrection is attainable to those worthy to attain to it. I want to be considered worthy by you Lord. I know that my worth is only in You.

I want to walk with you daily.  

I want to follow the teachings of Your Holy Spirit. 

I want to, at least, see the will of the Father be done here on earth in my life and in the lives of my family members and those whom You want me to touch, even as your will is done in Heaven.  And I know that that is a tall order in this day when the schools many of mine attend are teaching them that It is foolish to believe in You.  The only way that they will know you Lord is if you draw them as you did me. 

I want my ways and theirs to be Your ways Lord. 

I want to touch the lost around me in such a way that they will see You Jesus in me.  

I want so much Lord but only you can make me worthy of any of these things that I want.  

If I have sinned in any of these areas I pray Your forgiveness Dear Lord.

But Lord if there is only one prayer that you well have seen fit to answer in order to bear fruit through me; that prayer would be that each member of my family would know the Love that You have for them individually and that they would each return unto You the love that You deserve so much from them. For Lord I want to see each of them in glory on that coming day of resurrection. 

And Lord if it be possible that I might bear further fruit as I abide in your Son, I would ask that it would be to allow me to be used to bring my friends who may not yet know You to come to know You in order that they also may come to love You and be with us on that day of Your Glorious Appearing. 

And Lord if I might still impose further on Your Grace and mercy for this one additional fruit to blossom forth from my relationship and abiding with You, Jesus. If it could be so, I would ask that You would petition the Father on my behalf, to send forth to those of my brethren; those to whom You would see fit, who will make up Your bride — those who in coming days will make herself ready for Your Coming, and who will thus need access to those things that you have made clear to me from Your Word. — those things You have taught me by Your Spirit.  This I must believe, in order, that these brethren might also see from Your Word Your Truth; for You are the Truth.  I pray that these things contained on this blog might have an influence upon them as they are called upon to overcome Satan with the word of their Testimony and with the power that resides in Your Own shed blood, Dear Lamb Of God. 

For it is in Your name Jesus that I pray and ask these things. Amen

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