And Then Messiah Shall Come

Doctrine — Prophecy — end times — the second coming — tribulation—Bible


If you are interested in Church Doctrine and Bible Prophecy this site may appeal to you.  Explore the posts and get a feel for my approach to sharing what God has taught me through His Holy Spirits promptings in both education and personal study.  I have learned that no one human is capable of knowing all of the truth, but that does not mean that we are not to be learning and teachable. Jesus told us that His Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth as a body.  He also prayed for our unity as believers.  Yet nothing today divides us more than doctrine. Doctrine is supposed to represent to us the Truth of the word, yet an outsider might conclude that truth is unknowable based on the way that we refuse to discuss, and when we do we often do it disagreeably. Hopefully here our posts and discussions will lead to a better understanding.

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