And Then Messiah Shall Come

Doctrine — Prophecy — end times — the second coming — tribulation


This site concerns God’s truth surrounding Prophecy. I’ll admit that it is as it has been revealed to me throughout my 40 years of study in the Word, but the Scripture does interpret itself if we seek God’s truth.  Jesus did promise to lead us to it.

I am an Author but more importantly I love Jesus and God’s word as I hope that you do.  I do have a new prophecy book, that right now is easily available through me.  You can order from me by e-mailing:  The book is $20 including shipping until I run out. Hopefully at that point I’ll find another publisher since Tate has gone out of business. Feel free to enjoy the site and invite others to do the same.

God bless and please share the site if you like it.

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