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This site concerns God’s truth surrounding Prophecy. I’ll admit that it is as it has been revealed to me throughout my 40 years of study in the Word, but the Scripture does interpret itself if we seek God’s truth.  Jesus did promise to send the Holy Spirit to lead us to it. A must read for all who plan to spend time on this blog are the articles posted under the “Foundational” heading on the home page.

should you be serious about knowing where to start with this site. Click on “Foundational” and a series of articles will appear to help you understand from scripture why I am post Trib. And Armenian in my beliefs.

I am an Author but more importantly I love Jesus and God’s word as I hope that you do.  

Interpreting Scripture

Here is a system of or guidelines for interpretation and understanding of scripture. If you see me abusing these please call me down.

DEFINITION: What does the word literally mean? Any study of Scripture must begin with a study of words and their meaning and usage in scripture. Define your words and then keep to the words definition. The interpreter should conscientiously abide by the plain meaning of the words.

CONTEXT: The meaning must be gathered from the context. Every word you read must be understood in the light of the words that come before and after it. Many passages will not be understood at all, or understood incorrectly, without the help afforded by the context. There is one exception to this, and it involves a prophetic word buried within a historical context. One example would be the virgin birth. In these cases only our counselor the Holy Spirit can lead in a proper understanding. God is the author and finisher of understanding prophecy.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: The interpreter must have some awareness of the life and society of the times in which the Scripture was written.

LOGIC: Interpretation needs logical reasoning. When interpreting Scripture, the use of reason is everywhere to be assumed. Does the interpretation make sense? The Bible was given to us in the form of human language and therefore appeals to human reason – it invites investigation. It is to be interpreted as we would any other volume: applying the laws of language and grammatical analysis.

PRECEDENT: We must not violate the known usage of a word and invent another for which there is no precedent. Just as a judge’s chief occupation is the study of previous cases, so must the interpreter use precedents in order to determine whether they really support an alleged doctrine.

UNITY: The parts of Scripture being interpreted must be construed with reference to the significance of the whole. An interpretation must be consistent with the rest of Scripture.

INFERENCE: An inference is a fact reasonably implied from another fact. It is a logical consequence. It derives a conclusion from a given fact or premise. It is the deduction of one proposition from another proposition. Such inferential facts or propositions are sufficiently binding when their truth is established by competent and satisfactory Scriptural and historical evidence.

I do have a new prophecy book, that right now is easily available through me.  You can order from me by e-mailing:  The book is $15 including shipping until I run out. Hopefully at that point I’ll find another publisher since Tate has gone out of business. Feel free to enjoy the site and invite others to do the same. For anyone who cannot afford the book. Write me your desire to read it, and I’ll send you one free.

God bless and please share the site if you like it.

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