And Then Messiah Shall Come

Doctrine — Prophecy — end times — the second coming — tribulation

A testimony

Raised in a Southern Baptist home. Went to church on a regular basis.  Walked the Isle to be saved.  That didn’t work. Raised my hand on a few occasions and prayed the sinners prayer and that didn’t work.  Began thinking that maybe I wasn’t chosen. Got married and had two boys. Still going to church regularly.  There was sin in my life and I knew it, but nothing I did worked. Then one night when the boys were in bed and Ellen was out with her Sunday School Class, I was reading from the book by David Wilkerson, The Cross and The Switch Blade, and as I read the Lord spoke to my inner man these words — “Jerry you are trying to do for yourself what only I can do for you”.  That’s all it took, I went to my knees before a Holy God and wept. I Told the Lord how how sorry I was for being so stupid and for ever doubting His love for me, and I wept, and I wept.  don’t know how long I remained on the floor but when I eventually got up I felt free and totally cleansed.

So how did I than become a writer you ask.  The scriptures following my salvation came alive, but even before that I had been listening to a lot of Christian radio.  One thing that struck me was the difference between what I had been taught, what I was hearing on the radio in the way of contradictory positions, and what I was actually seeing in the Scriptures.  I had moved to Lynchburg and took opportunity to attend Liberty University.  Found more reason to question what I had been taught.  While there I was required a book for an Eschotology Class, by Millard Erickson, Contemporary Options in Eschatology.  In class the book was never referred to or opened, but I read it.  Eye opening.  So my questions in the future were directed to the Lord.  My reliance was in the Holy Spirit for answers.  I took the word literally that He would lead me into all truth.  Once the contradictions that I had encountered (eg. predestination vs Gods desire to see all men come to a knowledge of the truth) started coming together, then I just had to share what I was learning.  My first attempt at that was in the Book, FALSE SECURITY, Has The New Age Given Us False Hope, I had been teaching Adults and Young Adults in our church prior to that. This brings us to today — A new book, And a Blog

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