And Then Messiah Shall Come

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A Bit of Testimony

Raised Baptist, Saved in my home at age 24.  — that’s strange you say. Long story, but walking the isle didn’t do it for me.  raising my hand for rededication didn’t do it either. Praying the sinners prayer didn’t cut it.  I was empty, struggling with sin in my life; and wondering if I could be saved.  I struggled with predestination — maybe God had not chosen me.  I sought God — whats wrong with me.  I tried to clean up my own act — didn’t work.  Then it happened one night at home. My two boys in bed. Ellen at a bible study I think.  Memory not to good — been a long time since then.  But this I will never forget.  I was reading a book given me by a good friend —  The Cross and The Switchblade, by David Wilkerson.  while reading I was spoken to in my inner man — “Jerry only I can do for you what you are trying to do for yourself”.  Thats all it took. I knelt in the presence of the only Holy God, and wept, “I’m sorry Lord how could I be so stupid and blind, please forgive me. You know I believe in what Jesus has done I accept it for myself.  Love swept over me.  I wept.  I don’t know how long later, but eventually I arose cleansed inside.
So how did I become a writer?  Read Scripture, Read books, went to college, (night school).  Books I read didn’t align with scripture in many areas.  So I began asking the Lord to help me with the contradictions I found with the teachings I had been brought up with and in church and the scriptures that now were coming alive to me began to raise contradiction in my mind.  Continued in the Scriptures where i began to see the contradictions eliminated as I decided to believe the scriptures, and to only believe man as he aligned himself with them.  I Was studying Eschatology at Liberty, one of the assigned course texts was never used in class.  it was Contemporary Options in Eschatology, by Millard J. Ericsson. During class we never picked it up, but I had it.  to me that meant that God wanted me to read it.  I DID.  And more answers came.  Lay my questions out to God; Pray; and Study.  Seeming Conflicts were hit upon in scripture, where one scripture seemed to conflict another –eg. Predestination vs Gods desire that all should come to a knowledge of the truth.  Ask; pray; study. Trust God for an answer.  As answers became clear to me in scripture I began writing.  I don’t write fast.  I Ask, pray, study, and Oh yes contemplate a lot.  I love questions and discussion, so now Im a blogger.  There you have it in a nut shell.
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