Have the judges in our District Courts finally realized that unless they allow these lawsuits to go forward they will have no Nation or any free citizens to pass judgment for or on? It may seem so; because there are good things happening.

But, My question however is this: can we who at one time were a professing Christian nation expect the courts to save our freedoms for everyone to continue to do evil, when God is calling us to revival, and we as His church are refusing to hear the call? Will He bless even these court victories when they come with His renewed imposition of evils restraint in our land even if we are not willing to humble ourselves before Him, and make Him more important than everything else that we hold dear? And yes, I used “imposition” in this question purposefully, because this present evil does not want God’s restraint in their lives. And I and many others fully believe that only our return to Him in humility and repentance will bring such restraint. And I fully believe that this lines up in the word to be our last call as a nation. Others may not agree with that assessment, but can you afford to ignore this warning? In fact, can they afford to ignore it? Can I?

Jesus we love you more than these.

I believe that these suits will move forward with positive outcomes, and the future then will depend on our reactions to God’s Grace. Don’t let yourself down, because even as believers we will be humbled before Him, if not voluntarily; then tribulation will cause us to bow.