That is very unfortunate not just for us, but for them as well. The article that I share with you today is hopeful that my title will not always be the case. And indeed it will not always be, but it is my firm belief that it will be our reality, until Our Heavenly Father is ready to have His Son’s kingdom established upon this earth.

Republicans some of whom are patriots and are standing for the freedoms guaranteed in this countries founding documents, will apparently pay a dear price.

Steve Bannon has just been arrested, others are on the radar to continue to be cancelled along with him. Those arrested for the Jan 6th debacle are still sitting in solitary confinement awaiting what?

We have never seen the threat to our constitution and bill of rights that we are now seeing take place in this land. And the reason why, is that our own government has never opposed the constitution in the name of the constitution as it is now doing.

I thank God for the Steven K Bannon’s of this country. They dig for truth, and darkness hates the light of truth.