GRENON is in prison in Columbia South America at the behest of the FDA. His sin is to advertise and distribute a cure for CoVid and other diseases. As a missionary he has helped medically many in poorer cultures. Although he has been working as a medical missionary for many years before CoVid, and as such has promoted this malaria cure for other diseases; he is now under arrest for promoting this cure for CoVid even though it is being effectively and successfully used outside of the United Stares in the medical profession with great success against CoVid. It is touted as bleach by our government via the FDA. It is in effect the internal disinfectant that Trump unknowingly spoke of and was so viciously criticized over.

If you are under the allusion that there is not a deep state within our federal government which has ties to big pharma, and big media; then you owe it to yourself to watch the film below.

Watch this related film. It is a long film, so be sure that you have the time before you engage it.

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