There are three basic understandings of Scripture. Three basic Theologies if you will. There are actually more, but these each place their faith in Christ’s death burial and resurrection for their forgiveness of sin. Each offering their view of truth, which is foundational to their view of God’s Plan. But each with a different message of the truth.

We are supposed to fall into one or the other of these camps, when we adopt what we believe Scripture to be saying. But normally our church background or teaching directs us as to which of these camps we fall into. There are variations of each Reformed Theology; Dispensational Theology and New Covenant or One New Man Theology.

You may not even be able to find the latter in man’s formal schools of theology. But this is the set of doctrines that many from the messianic Jewish perspective are adopting today. Unfortunately error reigns in each set of man’s doctrine.

Biblical truth is not the sole possession of any one man, it is taught to each of us by God’s Holy Spirit. I found that during the writing of my first book that questions came up needing answers. When seeking for truth surrounding those in honest fashion things seemed to click from scripture that did not come from my upbringing. God is a rewarder. Answers must come from God. Theology is the study of God, of Biblical truth.

In my mid 20’s I began seeking God; reading the Bible, listening to Christian radio, reading christian books, having divine appointments. I knew and understood Dispensational Theology, because I was raised in a believing Christian family who read, discussed, and knew what they believed, but not always why. My wife was raised under reformed Theology. I was not yet born again, and I knew it. During this time of seeking God He spoke to me: “Jerry you are trying to do for yourself what only I can do for you”. The voice was silent to the room, but it Boomed in my inner man. I was undone. I wept; I confessed my stupidity and sin before a Holy God, Who I now, for the very first time knew, actually Loved me as an individual. I was no longer just one in this worlds sea of people for whom He had died. My trust was now in Him to lead me on a straight and narrow path into His kingdom and into an eternity with Him, where I can say with David: and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Following that I began to experience miracles. Then I began to share my experiences, but my Baptist pastor, who had been my friend, now began to see me as a threat. There were now several of us that I had found over time in this Southern Baptist Church, who were experiencing Christ in our day. His promised Holy Spirit and His miracles were revealed in our lives. We met for prayer each Sunday morning, as well as during the week; praying for the service, and our pastor, and for each other; but soon we were hearing sermons preached in opposition to everything we were experiencing in Christ. And then I saw Merril F. Unger’s book on our Pastor’s desk. I’m sure that this book has been updated since those days, and this may not even be the same book title, but it was similar and in a red cover.

but I’m certain that it has not changed much if it is the same book. In it he told our pastor that these happenings that we were experiencing were not for today’s church. They were even deceptions of the Devil. As a result we were seen as enemies, but we kept praying for him, searching the scriptures, and experiencing a love formally missed in our lives. At the same time there was false accusation coming at us, and I could tell you more but I won’t. Those who were there know what had happened.

Ten years later, after I had written a book of my own, I was invited to speak in a Southern Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, where my father and Uncle both attended. After I spoke about my book which concluded a post Trib understanding from scripture, my father informed me that the Head of the Sunday School Department, who invited me to speak, was taken to the woodshed by the pastor. Again I could tell you much about what followed but it is best left unsaid. But from this I gained understanding about ones walk with Christ.

I was now attending Liberty University, and while there I was often experiencing a stuffing of my own Biblical questions under the carpet. I was thankfully kinda forced into asking the Holy Spirit for more answers to these new questions. He again was letting me know that: “only I can do for you what you are trying to do for yourself”. His Holy Spirit; His Word, and His divine appointments were to be my education, and I suggest yours as well if you are a seeker of His truth. Oh I continued with formal studies, but what I was learning was from scripture. It’s not that I did not read books, I acquired an entire library, but looked at everything in light of what He was showing me in the Scriptures.

The church that I had grown up in had abandoned what God was teaching me from His Word with application to life experiences. My faith was now in the Word of God, Jesus. And my teacher His Holy Spirit. I have on my own studied Reformed Theology and as a theology I have rejected it. I have rejected large parts of One new man theology, but I fully believe in the one new man of scripture, where Jew and Gentile are united in Christ forever. In reformed theology Jesus has not died for every man, therefore He would respect one man as opposed to another, and that without a cause given Him by that man’s heart’s desire. God looks upon the heart, He in fact turns us over, over time, to the desires of our heart. He intervenes yes, but we either believe or we do not, we either seek Him or we do not. He does the saving, we can not. He knows us, because He is God and He knows the end from the beginning. He gave us free will and He never takes that from us. We become His bond servants through surrender. We want to be obedient, or we don’t. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He teaches those who want to know the answers to Biblical questions — to life questions. Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. You may have been sweeping these questions under the carpet or turning to men for your answers just as my pastor had done when confronted with them, but I ask you: Were those answers clear, or did they just raise other questions. I once heard Hal Lindsay State to John Ancherberg on his show: — I purchased the tape.

“Yes I wrote a book called, The Rapture, in order to set forth my views on this. Now I want to be clear on this… All of those positions have their problems. The reason that I’m still a PreTribulationist (and I was shaky when I was writing the book, the Rapture…), but the reason I remain a PreTribulatioist is because I can answer the questions that are thrown at me from the Scripture and not have anything shaken. But I can pose formidable questions to those, especially the PosttTribulationists that really I think you have to allegorize Scripture to try to answer, and here’s one of them!

This quote is taken from my book and it is footnoted. I answered the question in the book which he posed and did it without Allegory. For those of you who have the book, I post his question and answer it, beginning on page 129. And yes, it is done from scripture, not because I was smart, but because it was a question that I had asked God to answer long before that day.

I constantly ask the reader to challenge my position if it is not making scriptural sense. So I will ask you to do the same. I invite your questions. God bless as you study.

As for Hal Lindsay’s statement, it reveals the fact that after many books selling in the millions, he was still unsure if he was correct. I sent one of my books to the John Anchorberg show, with a letter offering to come on and debate Lindsay. I received an answer in writing rejecting my offer.

What the Scriptural understanding of One New Man in Israel’s Messiah does is to answer the questions. It does not replace Israel, nor does it try to remove Israel from being in Christ, which is what Dispensational Theology must do in order to keep Israel separate. If they place Israel in Christ as scripture does, then they have no argument for leaving her in the Tribulation without the Gentile brethren who are saved to make her Jealous. But there is much more that I have explained in other posts.

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