If Progressives are fulfilling Bible Prophesy it will be to their chagrin. End time prophecy is about religious persecution, and the loss of the freedom to worship and even the loss of the protection for worship. Communism has been and still is the enemy of the Bible and of God.

At a not too distant time in this country’s past we feared a communist takeover by force from outside our borders. We were told by Russia’s leaders that that takeover would one day come from within. Most of us did not believe that that could ever happen in America.

Today we are seeing just that as the Progressives are moving more and more in the direction of governmental controls that oppose individual and religious rights under the constitution. If you want to know what the Progressives in government are forcing in the way of division within their state just take a look at Virginia.

“More than 100 local jurisdictions have declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries, which means they intend to oppose and possibly decline to enforce gun restrictions that may be unconstitutional. At least one Virginia Democrat has suggested using the National Guard to enforce gun laws in such localities”. As reported in:

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

When you read the full article you find that individual rights are going by the wayside. It is not a fact that gun laws banning ownership “may be illegal under the constitution, because gun ownership definitely is not illegal. Not under the US constitution.

But what is becoming illegal is also not constitutional. In fact it seems that the criminal using an illegally acquired gun in the commission of a crime has more rights than the law abiding citizen. This because the gun is the real problem, but it is illegal to carry a legally authorized weapon for protection under the progressive interpretation of the constitution. It matters not that The Supreme Court has upheld this right. Today many Democrats are, as did the communists in Russia and China, having no regard for individual rights.

20 states have also passed laws taking away religious constitutional rights of conscience. Individuals working in the Medical field can no longer refuse to perform or assist in Abortion as a matter of religious convictions in these states. What we are watching happen is a sudden change in the interpretation of our constitution. What was not so sudden but much more gradual in this country was the erosion of our faith in God. And therein rests the beginnings of our now rapidly advancing demise. The progressives are using politics mainly within the Democratic Party to show their true motives. It seems they believe that with the progressive media on their side and with enough of us believing what the media is telling us, that they are now poised to win. Are they right in this assessment? I don’t know, but if they do win the right to govern by reinterpreting the constitution, much like progressive theologians have reinterpreted the Bible; then what becomes clear is: the deceptive forces revealed in scripture that we see at work in the last days will spring forth in full force in this country.

If you think that we are not close at this point, think about Tray Gowdy’s understanding on why this impeachment is being staged by the Democrats. He obviously believes that this is not about Trump at this point, but about taking back the Senate. If any Senator votes with the Democrats on witnesses they are betting that these Senators will lose their Senate seat in the up coming 2020 election. And once the Senate is controlled by the Democrats Trump will be not only be impeached, but thrown out of office.

I say that this is to their chagrin because we know what is to happen even before it comes about. God does nothing without revealing it to His people.

Surely the Lord God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7 NASB

This of course is not believed today by much of the church, but it does not alter the fact. When persecution comes first to God’s people, then judgment will surely come to the world.

For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17 NASB

But will the world be used to judge God’s people? This is the pattern in scripture? It is a pattern that cannot be denied, and when it comes it even effects the righteous who trust in God. Israel’s Daniel is solid proof. Revelation is our warning for preparation.

So how do we prepare? Pray and Trust God. There is no other preparation. Do not question Him but trust Him in the midst of….