Our good friend Brian Troxel had a post today that got me thinking back. The losing of ones life in Christ is not a loss at all is it? We gain so much as we die to self — taking on Christ. Early on Peter boldly stated that he would die with his Lord, but he was not ready. But as he died to self he became ready.

The question that I asked the Lord about this incident much earlier in my walk with Him was a nagging question. Lord you had said that if one denies You that You will deny that one before the Father. How can it then be that Peter did everything wrong that night of your trials and yet You did not do what You said You would? It took a while for me to receive my answer. The word does not lie; Jesus does not lie.

As I grew in Him, I realized that I too had early on as a zealous excited follower, who lacked wisdom and His Spirit, denied Him even before I was born again, much like Peter had done. You see I learned that Peters desire to Follow Jesus even in death was not born from a changed heart, but it was all self. It was not until after the resurrection of Messiah that Peter received and was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was not until then that his desires were made subject to God’s desires for him.

It was not until then that he began to take on the mind of Christ.

We often hear that truth must move from the head to the heart in order to be saved; but actually until God changes our Heart breaking up the fallow ground we cannot begin to take on the mind of Christ. And it is the mind wherein the battle takes place. We are told in Hebrews that if one denies Christ (denying Him is the only sin wherein we can trample His blood under foot) once having been enlightened and tasted of the Spirits work in us, then there remains no further sacrifice.