In this post I want you to think. All of my posts I hope are seen that way. But today I will compare Evolution Theory with Rapture Theory. First let’s look at how Evolution is treated within the Teaching community; then we can move to the Rapture Theory.

David Gelernter, who has been a proponent of Darwinism since boyhood; and was a prominent writer and I think is still a Yale professor, now believes it time for science to drop Darwin’s outdated theory of evolution.

Gelernter most assuredly has distanced himself from the theory but not without persecution for doing so. He states: “I am attacking their religion,” he concluded. “It is a big issue for them.” Of course, this is referring to his scientific community. In June, Gelernter stated that Darwinian scientists “destroy” those who ever try to diminish its importance to science.

His views are seen in the Claremont Review of Books, essay where he wrote, that Darwinism “has failed,” and also called out scientists to move past Darwin and his theories. His argument is that this theory “evolution” simply doesn’t give the explanation that is needed for the one of the most important components of modern science: just what is the “origin of species”.

Then there is the essay, “Giving up Darwin, “ in the: the Cambrian explosion, as well as many discoveries in the molecular biology field, which have obliterated Darwin’s theory of evolution as he understood it to occur. His take is that “Most species enter the evolutionary order fully formed and then depart unchanged,” Gelernter wrote. “The incremental development of new species is largely not there.”

He alluded to “intelligent design” as a theory needing exploration, one at least as important as Darwinism to science. He wrote:

“Darwin’s theory” where “new life forms evolve gradually from old ones in a constantly branching, spreading tree of life,” just ain’t proven.

So, “Those brave new Cambrian creatures must therefore have had Precambrian predecessors, similar but not quite as fancy and sophisticated. They could not have all blown out suddenly, like a bunch of geysers.”

In his coming out he softens the blow of his inclusion of intelligent design by letting us know that it is not his favorite theory, but makes clear that it is an “absolutely serious argument,”. To him it is the very “first, and obviously most intuitive that comes to mind.”

Raptures connection to Evolution

So what about Rapture? Last night I met with my cousin and his wife Bill and Katie Fischer. He was telling me how he was castigated in his bible study group for his bringing up of his belief concerning Israel and the Church, which impacts his Rapture understanding. It’s true, we are often castigated for pointing out Bible verses that destroy a pre-Trib Rapture Theory that has over time “evolved” into “truth”. The impact and implications of these two 1800’s theories “evolving” into truth are equally significant. And both have played an important role in the falling away of many from God’s truth. Why do I state it this way? — because there is only one truth in Gods mind and we are to be taking on His mind (the mind of Christ). We can consider theories that is part of the journey, but to elevate one to “truth” without scriptural support is blasphemy.

If only believers would understand that neither of these theories are proven from scripture. I have written so much about what scripture states on this topic of Rapture, and when it must occur that I hesitate writing more, yet I am still inspired beyond my own abilities. Just as my high school teachers would agree. My inspiration began in college much to my high school teachers chagrin, because they labeled my non- college material. Just happened to be around the time I committed my life to the Jesus of the scriptures, and became a real rather than fake believer. At that time I said teach me all I need to follow in your ways. He has not disappointed. I’m still learning, but I know the difference between theory and Truth. Scripture explains Truth, scripture never gives full support to Theory. Theory always leaves one with pointed contradictions from scripture.